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The Best Swim Towels for 2020

Finding the best swim towel shouldn’t be an overly burdensome process. But some customers end up becoming stressed out by this task because there’s a lot of options. It’s enough to make anyone feel a little overwhelmed and anxious about this whole situation.

This article intends to resolve these issues by guiding buyers through the process. I’ll accomplish this goal by going over several crucial topics. These will include determining factors, types, benefits, and much more. I’ll even offer 10 product reviews of swim towels I’ve found useful.

best swim towel

Each of these conversations should bring anyone reading this article closer to their perfect option. You should start to understand what a buyer should be looking for when purchasing a swim towel.

Once you do find this perfect option, it will improve your swimming sessions by quite a bit. No longer will you have to dry off with a soaked towel between swim runs. You’ll instead have a competent swim towel ready to meet your drying needs at all times.

But anyone who wants to find this elusive product will have to keep reading our guide. It’ll offer tricks and solutions to any question running around in your mind. Let’s get this process started and ensure you make a responsible final choice.

Best Swim Towel Reviews of 2020

This section will contain ten reviews of top tier swim towels. Each discussion should provide a better idea of what makes them among the best towels for swimmers. It’ll also help you understand the topics discussed in later sections.

1. Flow Swim Chamois Quick Dry Swim Towel

Flow Swim’s Chamois Quick Dry Swim Towel is a perfect alternative to keeping those bulky cotton towels in your swim bag. It has a lightweight, compact design capable of offering the same results of those cotton models, but without taking up as much space.

You should also love this model coming with its storage tube. This aspect will help keep the towel damp and prevent it from drying out completely. It’s a perfect solution for swimmers who are continually getting in and out of the pool. You’ll always have a damp towel capable of drying you off between runs.

This storage tube has a small hole in its bottom that’ll help in this regard, as well. The hole will allow any excess water to drain out from your towel. It’s an effective way to ensure the towel’s always ready for a swimmer who needs to dry off quickly.

I found myself also intrigued by its abilities in other roles. This Flow Swim towel can easily be used for drying off your cars, boats, and similar vehicles. In these situations, it ends up being a great choice because it doesn’t scratch the surfaces.

You shouldn’t overlook the five color options, either. This aspect allows the buyer to choose a color based on their style. In my case, I would have to go with the blue option. It’s just the perfect fit for what I’m looking for, but each color scheme looks great.

However, this product did have a slight smell to it, which was a bit unappealing. It kind of smells like house paint, and it was something that triggered my sensitive nose. But thankfully, this smell was gone after a couple of uses and became a non-issue.
  • Five color choices
  • Affordable price
  • Includes a storage tube
  • Super absorbent
  • Quick drying
  • Weird smell
Aside from it having a weird smell, nothing should stop a swimmer from seriously considering this option. It has all the things a person who’s regularly using a swimming pool could want in these products.

2. Speedo Cotton Sports Towel

This next swimmer’s towel comes from a company everyone should know, Speedo. Their popularity should bring forth a belief in them creating top tier products. Thankfully, this option certainly solidifies that belief with its many great features.

One of them is its high absorption rate. You see, this Speedo swimming towel has proven to absorb an almost unmatched amount of water when compared to its rivals. This aspect makes it an outstanding choice for swimmers who need to dry multiple times during a swimming session.

It also helps that this product comes with a carrying case, which is effective at keeping the towel damp. Like with our previous option, the case has a drain hole that gets rid of any excess water. It’s a vital aspect of making this a good purchase for a swimmer.

You should find this product’s lightweight design appealing, as well. This feature will ensure it won’t take up much space in your swim bag. I found myself slightly shocked by how much more room it allowed me to have for other vital items. It was a godsend for whenever I went to the pool.

But none of these features hold a candle to this product’s best one, its price. This swim towel is more than affordable and should fit into any swimmer’s budget. Therefore, you should have some leftover money to use on more important things in your life.

This product isn’t flawless, though, as its design material was a bit harder than expected. In fact, a person looking for a soft towel would undoubtedly be disappointed by this model. You could easily say Speedo put more focus on functionality than comfort when creating it.
  • Highly absorbent
  • Two color choices
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes a case
  • Compact
  • Affordable price
  • Less soft than expected
If you’re looking for a simple, practical swimming towel, this option should more than fit your needs. But a person who’s looking for a softer option should look elsewhere because this towel isn’t what you want.

3. Wolfyok 2-Pack Microfiber Swim Towel

The Wolyok 2-Pack Microfiber Swim Towel is a convenient and useful option any swimmer should seriously consider getting. One of the great things about this option is that it comes with two towels instead of one.

You get an XL towel (58” x 30”) and a hand towel (24” X 16”), which are both perfect for several activities. I could easily envision someone finding these products useful when camping, boating, traveling, or even backpacking.

I also love this option’s microfiber design material. This aspect gives these towels their quick drying ability and high absorbency rate. In fact, you can expect these towels to dry five times faster than regular old cotton or terry cloth towels.

You don’t have to worry about the XL towel taking up too much space, either. This particular product has a compact design that can be folded down to 8” X “3. It should leave plenty of room inside your swim bag for other items like a water bottle or goggles.

As with other previous options, these towels come with their own carrying bag, too. This specific carrying bag is made from durable mesh and should make your life much easier. It’s a nice touch that any swimmer should appreciate immensely.

Wolfyok was kind enough to offer a year-long warranty with purchase, as well. It might not seem like a big deal, but these warranties can save a person from being stuck with an inferior product. Due to this, it’s always a good idea for buyers to seek out options with these policies.

But it’s worth mentioning that I felt the texture of these towels was a bit too rough.
  • Made from high-quality microfiber
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 2-pack
  • Quick drying
  • Highly absorbent
  • Texture is a little rough
Its effectiveness and reliability made a suitable option for a lot of my swimming needs. But I’d rather get a softer towel than this one as it’s a little too rough for my taste. It’s an issue I probably could get used to, but still not one I want in my ideal product.

4. Rainleaf Microfiber Perfect Sports Towel

This next option is another microfiber swim towel, which shouldn’t have any issues meeting your needs. It has a long list of features explicitly meant for improving a swimmer’s life. A good example is its microfiber design material that offers a soft suede feeling.

As a result, drying off with this towel is much more comfortable than other microfiber options. But don’t think its peak levels of comfort means it sacrificed its effective results. It’s quite the opposite as this product remains incredibly absorbent.

It can even absorb five times its weight in water while retaining the ability to dry fast. Honestly, I couldn’t think of better qualities for a swim towel than these. I also was quite fond of this product’s hang snap loop feature.

This aspect will ensure the product’s easy to hang up during its drying process. It’s another nice touch offered by Rainlead that further shows this brand was hyper-focused on their customers’ wants and needs.

You should find this product’s lifetime warranty rather appealing, as well. This policy length is unheard of in the swim towel market and goes to show how far Rainleaf will go for their customers. It’s worth noting that this brand honors their policy, which isn’t always the case with other companies.

The insane amount of size and color options are another standout aspect for me. It makes finding a variation of this towel that can meet your style and sizing needs rather simple. Given all these great features, it’s hard to see a viable fault in this swim towel’s construction.

But I did have some shipping issues with this product. It came in a package that was a bit dented and arrived a week later than expected. These types of problems aren’t what I expect coming from a top tier brand.
  • Seven color options
  • Six size choices
  • Made from durable microfiber
  • Easy to hang and store
  • Super absorbent
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shipping issues
Overall, the shipping issues I encountered weren’t a big deal because the towel ended up being such an effective product. Buying this product wouldn’t be a choice anyone regrets.

5. 4Monster Fast Drying Microfiber Towel

4Monster Fast Drying Microfiber Towel is one of the softest options on this list. It was made with 100% polyester, which ensures the towel has peak lofts of smoothness and softness. This aspect makes it an excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

As someone who has sensitive skin, I was astounded by how well this towel worked for me. I could hardly feel the towel when using it to dry off, which is an ideal situation. This aspect comes from its lightweight design, too, that’ll further ensure the product’s user-friendliness.

I was also pleased with this product’s carrying case. This feature makes transporting the towel much easier and should help save space inside your swimming bag. Plus, it helps protect the product from getting damaged during travel.

The microfiber towel being made completely from eco-friendly materials was another nice touch. You see, 4Monster made sure to stay away from any chemical dyes when creating it. This makes it a much safer product for you and the environment.

You also get a vast amount of choice when it comes to both size and color. This product comes in five color schemes and three sizes to ensure it can meet the needs of whoever ends up buying it. It’s just another area where 4Monster seems to excel a bit more than its rivals.

But I did have some packaging issues with the product arriving in a damaged box. It also was missing the carrying case, and I had to call their customer service. These issues are burdens I’d rather not deal with, but I do have to say their service was top tier.
  • Five color options
  • Three size choices
  • Peaks levels of softness
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Eco-friendly
  • Packaging issues
The packaging issues were an annoying nuisance, which hurt this product’s standing in my eyes. But I couldn’t argue with the results it provides. The soft and lightweight design was more than enough for me to forget about these problems fairly quickly. Therefore, it’s still a viable option, even with these concerns.

6. OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels

People interested in a microfiber towel should consider this 3-pack from OlimpiaFit. This option comes with a large towel (50” X 30”), a middle towel (30” X 15”), and a small compacted towel (15” X 15”). Each will fill a role in your life where a towel might be needed from sunbathing to swimming.

But what makes these towels unique is their soft, hypoallergenic microfiber material. This aspect ensures these items offer a gentle feel rather than anything too rough. It also happens to be slip-resistance, which makes them a perfect option to wipe away sweat during a workout.

I found the absorption rate of these towels rather impressive, as well. You can expect them to absorb about three or four times its weight in water. As you can imagine, this number is quite outstanding and should be useful in whatever situation a swimmer might find themselves.

You shouldn’t overlook these towels’ ability to dry quickly, either. In fact, these products have proven to dry ten times faster than what you’d expect from a cotton towel. You can imagine how helpful this aspect ends up being between swimming runs.

The price tag of this option was also hard to believe. A buyer would get three premier towels for the price of most shammy towels for swimmers. I don’t know how any bargain buyer could pass up on this deal with a situation like this one. It’s almost too good to be true.

But even with all these great features, there was one aspect that gave me a little pause. These towels provide some bleeding issues when first going through the wash. It ruined a couple of my socks and white T-shirts, which was a huge bummer. The good news is this bleeding stopped after its first experience in the washing machine.
  • 3-pack
  • Soft and hypoallergenic
  • Made from top tier microfiber
  • Compact design
  • Affordable cost
  • Eight color options
  • Color bleeding issues
You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal out there than this one from OlimpiaFit. But please, pay close attention when first washing them. You’ll want to avoid what I experienced.

7. WGOOT Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel

WGOOT’s Quick Dry Microfiber Travel Towel is one of the most versatile options on our list. This 2-pack option can be used effectively in many roles, from swimming to wiping after sweating during a run. These towels become multi-purpose pieces of equipment that benefit your life with their many excellent features.

One of these features is an incredibly soft texture. This aspect comes from the fibers going through an advanced softening process. I’m here to document that whatever WGOOT did worked to perfection as I love how great these towels felt on my skin.

It’s also worth noting that WGOOT managed to get rid of the sticky feeling, which usually comes with microfiber towels. This issue is why I tend to stay away from these swim towels often, but it’s not a problem with these.

Aside from the towels having an excellent feel, these are another option with an easy hang loop feature and lightweight design. Both qualities will ensure using these products is much easier than with similar options.

You should also find this product’s lifetime warranty rather intriguing. This aspect will ensure you always have protection and coverage against these towels breaking down. It’s just another way this brand shows they have their customer’s back.

The price isn’t too shabby, either, as it should fall into most people’s budgets without issue. Plus, you get two towels rather than one, which makes it a sweet deal. Bargain buyers should jump at the chance of getting their hands on these products.

However, I must warn anyone reading this that the carrying bag is a little less durable than expected. The mesh ripped open after a month of use, which was a huge bummer. I had to start using a different bag to carry the towel.
  • Six color options
  • Five size choices
  • Easy hang loop
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile
  • 2-pack
  • Durability issues with carrying case
The carrying case being a little too flimsy shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but it should have some impact on your decision. If you already have a top tier carrying bag for towels, I don’t see a reason why this option wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

8. Your Choice Microfiber Quick Dry Towel

If you’re looking for a more traditional swim towel, Your Choice’s Microfiber Quick Dry Towel should catch your eye. This option has the always crowd-pleasing cabana-styled design, which provides it with a retro feel.

You’ll also love this product’s thin construction, which is four times thinner than a standard cotton towel. This aspect makes it much easier to store and carry than you might expect. But this slimmer design doesn’t affect its absorption rate, either.

This towel’s still capable of holding several times its weight in water without issue. It also tends to dry three times faster than a typical cotton towel. In any measurement, this option seems to be above average when it comes to competing with its counterparts.

People often love this product’s design material, as well. It’s made from microfiber fabric consisting of 85% polyester and 15% nylon. This combo gives it a smooth and soft feel, which will ensure sand or other substances slide right off it.

The endless amount of buying options was another pivotal component of this making our list. You can even purchase nine of these towels for a full set. This option would be an appealing choice for anyone looking to buy in bulk.

Don’t sleep on this product’s versatility, either. This towel could easily function as a swim, beach, or bathroom towel without question. As a result, it’s a pretty versatile option capable of making your life more comfortable in a couple of different ways.

But this towel is known to have color bleeding issues. These problems certainly proved to be accurate as this towel made a mess inside my washing machine. I had multiple pieces of clothing affected by this issue.
  • Two size options
  • Cabana striped design
  • Quick drying
  • Versatile
  • Compact and portable design
  • Color bleeding issues
From a results perspective, this towel will have no issues being a super absorbent towel for swimming purposes. This aspect alone makes it a suitable option for anyone looking to buy a swim towel. But remain careful when washing this towel to avoid any bleeding problems.

9. 4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Swimming Towels

Buyers looking to buy quick dry towels for swimmers should take a long look at this option from 4Monster. Like the earlier product from this company, these towels more than live up to the brand’s stellar reputation with a great set of wonderful features.

The most obvious benefit of this option is getting four towels rather than one. Due to this, everyone in the family can have one on your next swimming trip. It’s an ideal fit for anyone who intends to take family or friends to the pool.

I also love that this product comes with a fantastic water-resistant bag to ensure easy portability. This bag has proven to be incredibly durable and shown no signs of wear or tear after months of usage.

As with the prior 4Monster option, these towels made to be eco-friendly. This status comes from them not having any chemicals in them. It’s a nice touch and should be a favorable aspect for any environmentally conscious people looking to get a swim towel.

These towels feature a top tier microfiber as their primary design material, as well. This microfiber allows for these products to have a soft and gentle feeling. It makes drying off a much more comfortable experience than you might expect.

Besides these great features, you can expect these products to have several aspects I’ve talked about in great detail within prior reviews. These include a high absorption rate, a 12-month warranty, quick drying abilities, and an affordable price.

But I wouldn’t recommend using these products outside the pool or bathroom areas. These products tend to pick up debris such as sand or pine needles like a bad habit. It’s a real nuisance that makes them slightly single-dimensional.
  • 4-pack
  • Made from durable microfiber fabric
  • Two color options
  • Eco-friendly
  • 12-month warranty
  • Have a habit of picking loose debris
These towels aren’t a great option for people looking to get a versatile swim towel. However, anyone wanting a towel strictly for a pool area can’t do much better than this one.

10. Flow SwimMicrofiber Sports Towels

Flow’s SwimMicrofiber Sports Towels are known for their fast-drying abilities, lightweight construction, and high absorbent rate. In these areas, you’d have a hard time finding another towel out there capable of matching these.

But these aspects aren’t the only exciting thing about them. I also love this option’s vibrant color choices, which will ensure your friends are going to be asking where you got them. These color schemes will stick out and make a statement with their beautiful tones.

These towels excel when it comes to storability, as well. This aspect comes from them coming with an elastic strap, which allows a person to roll up or hang up this swimming towel with quick dry abilities. It’s a much more effective method than merely stuffing these products inside a gym bag.

People have found this elastic strap useful when using these towels for other activities besides the pool. For instance, it makes carrying them to a yoga class rather simple and easy. It has made them a popular choice among people who practice yoga for this very reason.

Flow Swim made sure to ensure this option appealed to a wide range of buyers, too. You can get them in three size options: medium, large, or large with hood. In my case, I’m always going to go with the large with hood option. It makes wrapping up inside the towel a much easier task.

You also should benefit from this option coming as a 2-pack. This aspect will make sure you always have a backup swim towel just in case something happens. After all, it never hurts to have another top tier towel lying around your home.

However, these towels are another set that suffers from the microfiber curse of being too rough. In this case, it’s not as bad as some I’ve encountered during my product research. But it’s still a little too much for my sensitive skin.
  • Five color options
  • Three size choices
  • Fast drying
  • Lightweight design
  • 2-pack
  • Rough microfiber feeling
The rough microfiber feeling would make me second guess repurchasing this product. But the results it provides could be more than worth it for someone with less sensitive skin.

What to Look for When Buying a Swim Towel


Several factors will have an impact on your final choice. This section will discuss each one at length. Due to these discussions, you’ll soon become an expert on all things swim towels. It should make picking the right one a breeze.

Drying Capabilities

Any swimmer’s going to want a towel that’s capable of drying them and itself quickly. This aspect will allow them to keep doing their runs regularly without needing a new towel each time. After all, who wants to dry off with a completely soaked towel?

This situation sounds like a nightmare, which is why having a quick drying towel is such a vital factor. Look for options made from materials known for their drying capabilities: cotton, microfiber, polyvinyl, or similar materials.

You also should look for options with an included storage tube. As we noted in earlier product reviews, this feature will help keep the towel damp between runs. This addition will usually come with a drain hole that gets rid of excess water while you’re swimming.

Absorbent Rate

You should also look for a swim towel with a high absorption rate. This factor will ensure your towel is capable of drying you off completely. Otherwise, there’s no point in bringing the towel to your swimming session in the first place.

This factor is another one where the towel’s material will play a significant role. Microfiber options tend to be the best when it comes to the absorption rate. But top tier cotton and polyvinyl options do a great job with this factor, as well.

But it really comes down to doing your research beforehand. Reading other customer’s experiences with the towel can provide a great deal of insight. These discussions will offer a better idea of how well each option performs in this area.


Like any product, the price of a swim towel can vary from product to product. You’ll have to decide what you deem necessary and adjust your budget based on those needs. For instance, a person who wants one of those Olympic swimming towels, also called shammies, will have to pay more.

It’s all about making sure your budget stays realistic to ensure it can help make this process easier. You see, a well-constructed one will lessen your choices to a much more manageable amount. This action will make choosing the right one a lot more doable.

Buyers without a stable budget might encounter a very stressful and frustrating buying experience. After all, there’s a lot of swim towels out there. It gives me anxiety just from thinking about it.

So please, avoid this situation by having a well-thought budget in place before starting your search. It’ll help ensure you don’t make a regretful decision.


The towel’s actual construction is another factor worth mentioning. Look for a towel with a lightweight and compact design. This construction will help ensure your new swim towel doesn’t take up much space or become heavy when wet.

As a result, its compact design offers enough room for other key items such as your water bottle and goggles. It’s lightweight quality will make it easier to transport from place to place. I know, carrying a towel doesn’t seem like it will ever be a hard thing to do.

But having a lightweight towel can make quite a difference when combined with the other items in your swim bag. It’s just another aspect to make your life easier, which is never a bad thing.


Some swim towels offer a great deal of versatility. These options can be useful when doing other activities like hiking, swimming, camping, or even washing a car. It’s a simple, effective way to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

If this aspect is something you find interesting, I’d suggest going with a cotton or microfiber option. Those chamois or Olympic swimming towels aren’t going to offer much usage outside the pool area.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Choosing the right swim towel will come down to more than understanding what you’re looking for feature-wise. You’ll also need a better handle on specific pieces of background info about these products. These following discussions will provide everything you need to know.

What is a swim towel?

A swimming towel is one of the most critical items for a swimmer who’s looking to excel. Its primary function is effortless to understand; these products will help you dry off quickly and offer a bit of comfort with its soft material after/between finishing a race or training.

But what separates a swim towel from a regular old traditional towel? Well, most traditional towels used in the bathroom or at the beach take a long time to dry off. This aspect isn’t ideal for a competitive swimmer who’s getting in and out of the water multiple times.

In this situation, a regular towel would just become extremely soaked. It would end up being a wet towel in your swimming bag, which would make transporting it much less manageable. Plus, drying off using this soaked item would be a soggy nightmare.

Towel manufacturer’s realized this problem and decided to make towels designed for competitive swimming. These products feature a lighter design, quicker drying rate, smaller size, and absorb an enormous amount of water.

What are the different types of swim towels?

Swim towels tend to come in all shapes and sizes. But the main types boil down to what materials were used in each towel’s creation. Let’s look at the common ones to ensure you know what kind is the right choice for your situation.

  • Cotton Swimming Towels

Cotton towels tend to be the most popular swim towel for many reasons. These products are low priced, durable, comfortable, and can withstand multiple washings. You can easily see the appeal with qualities such as these.

I should also mention that using these towels feels a lot better than the other types. It doesn’t hurt that cotton options come in a variety of sizes and shapes, either. This option ends up being the simplest and most straightforward approach when choosing a swim towel.

As for the construction, cotton towels are comprised out of terrycloth. These products will feature several cotton loops woven into them, as well. This aspect will increase the towel’s total area to ensure it reaches peak levels of absorbency.

But even with these excellent features, most swimmers don’t see cotton towels as being the most practical. These options are often rather large and take up a lot of space in their bags. Plus, their design and their high absorbency ensure they take a while to dry.

These aspects can become quite annoying when having to pack them into a swimming bag. It’ll just end up making the bag much heavier than a person would ever want.

  • Chamois Swimming Towels

Chamois towels are specifically made to help athletes have a better performance. You might also come across these options being called shammies. But what’s really essential to know is they’re made from PVA or polyvinyl alcohol material, which offers a smooth finish.

This smooth finish ensures these towels are incredibly useful. However, it can be a little uncomfortable when first getting used to using them. It’s also worth noting that these towels tend to be a bit smaller than our other types.

But a person who does get used to them, though, gets to enjoy numerous benefits. An excellent example of one is their reusability. For instance, you can wring these towels out and use them again with the same effectiveness during a single swimming session.

I should note that these products do always have to be a bit moist, as well. This quality comes from them being stiff when completely dry, which feels a lot like cardboard. But avoiding this situation is quite easy.

You simply drain the excess water and pack it in the plastic case when finished wiping. As you saw in our product reviews, these plastic cases usually come included with the product. This aspect also helps with the product’s overall compactness to offer even more user-friendliness.

  • Microfiber Swimming Towels

As their name would suggest, microfiber swimming towels are made out of microfibers. People who are unfamiliar with microfibers just need to know they’re a type of a small synthetic fiber. In fact, these fibers are smaller than silk and tend to have a diameter under 10 micrometers.

This matters because towels use a large number of fibers, which means their surface is quite significant. Due to this, the more contact made with water allows for a microfiber towel to have a higher absorbance rate than our other types.

In most cases, microfiber towels will be made from a blend of nylon and polyester. This combo allows them to fold tightly and save a great deal of space. As for design choices, these types come in a variety of options.

You’ll find microfiber towels with a smooth finish like a shammy. This quality provides the same effectiveness you’d see with a shammy, but it shares the uncomfortable downside. Microfiber towels also come in hybrid options, which is where microfibers are combined with terrycloth.

This combo ensures the towel is soft and comfy rather than having a weird smooth finish. However, this combo towel won’t be compact because its cotton base doesn’t offer that key benefit.

Why do you need a towel for swimmers?

As you’ve noticed from our earlier sections, owning a swim towel offers several advantages over a traditional cotton one. These towels are much handier and provide better portability thanks to them being much smaller when packed. You can expect a swim towel to feature a higher absorption, as well.

Another key advantage is their ability to be drained out quickly. This allows for the towel to be used immediately rather than waiting for it to dry. Each of these features is uniquely suited to help a swimmer excel better during their swimming sessions. They’re why getting a swim towel is such a must-have accessory for anyone looking to conquer the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section will function like any other found on the internet. This part of the article will try to answer any remaining questions, which the earlier sections didn’t address adequately. It’ll end up being tying this whole process into a tight little bow.

What are the most trusted swimmers towel brands?

The most trusted swim towel brands will offer a customer two things, top tier products, and service. Each one of the companies mentioned in our product review section has proven to offer both time and time again. These brands represent who I considered the most reputable manufacturers in this marketplace.

How should I clean my swim towel?

The cleaning process will depend on your towel’s type. In any case, it’d be wise to read the directions before doing anything. These instructions are placed on the towel for a reason, and it wouldn’t be smart to ignore them.

I should also mention people with chamois towels don’t need to wash their items after every use. You instead rinse it, drain the excess water, and pack it back into its tube. But if you do wash it, make sure to do the process by hand using a mild detergent. You should then proceed to air dry it, but not entirely, and put it back inside its storage tube.

If you end up getting a microfiber towel, it’s essential to know these products are machine washable. You should still pay close attention to ones with strong colors, though, as these towels may bleed the first few washings.

What is the warranty?

Some swim towels will come with warranties, which will vary in their amount of coverage. You might come across options with 1-month, 6-month, or even a year-long warranty. It’ll end up depending on what manufacturer has made your chosen towel.

If you can, I’d suggest opting for an option with a warranty. It’s always a good idea to have some protection and coverage against receiving a faulty product. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a less than stellar towel with no way of returning it or getting your money back.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy a swim towel would be through Amazon. Their site will have the lowest prices and largest selection among sellers by a wide margin. It’s a combo that makes them an unstoppable force in this marketplace.

If you aren’t too keen about shopping online, places like Target, Wal-Mart, or similar stores should have a decent selection. These stores should have no issues meeting your particular shopping needs.


This article should make finding the best swim towel a piece of cake. It’s just a simple matter of applying what you’ve learned into your search. From there, the right choice should become apparent, and it should become a common fixture inside your swimming bag.

But if you still have a question or two, feel free to let us know in our comment section. We’d love to help you out in any way possible.

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