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The Best Pool Towels for 2020

Finding the best pool towels often is much harder than a customer might first imagine. It can be challenging to shift through the vast number of options on today’s market. It’s enough to make any person go a little insane when searching through Amazon.

But this scenario doesn’t have to occur. You just need a better handle on what to look for when looking for pool towels. I intend to help by going over many topics related to these wonderful products. These discussions should make anyone reading them an expert on all things pool towels.

best pool towels

I’ll even provide ten reviews of towels that are considered the best on today’s market. Hopefully, these reviews will offer a better idea of what doesn’t make a top tier option and what does. You should then have no issues separating the low-quality towels from the best ones.

So, let’s get this process and ensure it ends with you buying a set of top tier towels. I promise, reading this won’t be something that anyone later regrets.

Best Pool Towel Reviews of 2020

This section will consist of those ten reviews mentioned previously. Each of these discussions will highlight what makes these products some of the best options out there. It should offer a lot of insight into what features and aspects are pivotal to making a smart final choice.

1. Kaufman Cotton Striped Pool Towels

The Kaufman Cotton Striped Pool Towels should be an excellent option for people looking to buy in bulk. You see, this model comes as a 4-pack, which makes it a perfect fit for families who like going to the beach together.

I also love this product’s 100% cotton design. This material is incredibly soft and ensures these towels have a top-tier absorbency rate. As a result, there’s no reason to believe they couldn’t handle your drying off needs at a beach or pool.

The coloring of these four towels is another appealing trait. You get one orange, one pink, one lime, and one turquoise towel inside this convenient 4-pack. Each of these colors looks vibrant and should bring a little style to your time on the beach.

I found this product’s size to be perfect, as well. These towels have 30” x 60” measurements, which I have found to be ideal for my particular body type. It’ll ensure I can sprawl out on these products without having my feet hit the sand—a perfect situation for any time I want to sunbathe.

These towels having an easy cleaning process doesn’t hurt, either. You just follow the directions laid out in the product description, and issues shouldn’t occur when washing them. Honestly, if I could wash and dry these towels properly, I don’t envision anyone else having any trouble.

But these swimming pool towels aren’t perfect. I did find their thin construction a little disappointing as it was a bit uncomfortable to lay on when lounging on a beach chair. It’s a small issue, but one that should be taken into account when making a final decision.
  • 100% cotton
  • 4-pack
  • Vibrant color patterns
  • Lightweight
  • Top-tier absorbency
  • Very thin construction
Despite their thin construction, these towels shouldn’t have any issues meeting all your pool towel needs. They’re a great option and should be a favorite among families looking for multiple towels.

2. Turkuoise Towel Large Turkish Pool Towels

Buyers looking for towels capable of providing the softest feel possible should look no further than Turkuoise Towel’s Large Turkish Pool Towels. These products are made with Turkish cotton, which has a reputation for being incredibly soft.

This material will also offer an absorption rate that its rivals will have a hard time matching. In fact, Turkuoise Towel did a sensational job ensuring these products were ahead of the curve in many areas.

One great example is the durability of these towels, which comes from them being double-stitched. This aspect should allow them to handle your pool towel needs for years to come. It’ll also save you from having to look for replacements any time soon.

I found this option coming as a 4-pack rather appealing, as well. This aspect will suit my situation perfectly as I love traveling to the beach with my family and friends. Therefore, I’ll always have a spare towel or two for them to use.

These towels being eco-friendly was another quality, which garnered my attention. This feature comes from their designs not using any chemicals. These products instead were colored using natural dyes to ensure their use doesn’t hurt the environment in any way.

Turkuoise Towel was kind enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well. It’s another nice touch that shows this company truly gets it. But sadly, the price of this option is much higher than I’d be willing to spend. It’s easily among the most expensive on our list.
  • Made with Turkish cotton
  • High absorption rate
  • Double-stitched
  • 4-pack
  • Eco-friendly
  • Expensive
Even with their outlandish price, I’d still put this option near the top of my list. The results offered by them are almost too good to pass up getting. Honestly, these products check off almost everything I’m looking for in my next set of towels.

3. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Pool Towels

If you like towels with the classic cabana stripe design, this option from Utopia Towels should be high up on your list. These cotton products have an extremely high absorbent rate and offer a softness that most other options can’t.

But their design material isn’t the only positive feature about them. I also love this product’s lightweight construction, which makes them less susceptible to issues like fraying and shredding. The towels having professionally hemmed edges should help in this regard, too.

As a result, you can reasonably expect these towels to be in your life for a long time. It’s just another way that Utopia Towels continues to show they’ve got a leg up on their competition. Honestly, these luxury pool towels are genuinely one of a kind in many different aspects.

Another good example is their products’ easy cleaning process. I don’t imagine anyone will have issues washing or drying these products as long as they stick to the included directions. These directions being simple to follow, also helps matters.

This option allows you to choose between six choices regarding color, as well. It’s another aspect that should allow a buyer to come away entirely happy with their decision. After all, you’ll be getting four fresh, new towels capable of matching your style and personality.

But I wasn’t happy with the amount of lint produced from these plush cabana beach towels. This issue created quite an annoying hassle when washing them with my other laundry items.
  • Cabana striped design
  • Made from soft cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Six buying options
  • Highly-absorbent
  • Produced a lot more lint than expected.
Aside from the lint issues, Utopia Towels managed to create a product perfect for drying off after a swim. I didn’t even get to mention that the price on this deal is affordable, too. A buyer could do a whole lot worse.

4. Kaufman Multicolor Joey Cabana Stripe Pool Towel

People looking for beach and pool towels need to consider these from Kaufman seriously. These products feature a multi-color design that’ll knock your socks off. In fact, your family and friends will always be asking where you got them.

But their colorful design isn’t their only top-tier feature. I also love their 32” by 62” size, which should comfortably accommodate my entire body. In other words, I could easily lay down on this towel without feeling sand on my feet.

You should love that this option comes with four towels, as well. This aspect could ensure you have a few extra for family or friends who tag along on your pool or beach trip. It’s always nice to be prepared and make sure everyone has the means to dry off after a swim.

The cotton velour design material was another eye-catching trait. This material has gained a reputation for being both incredibly soft and absorbent. I don’t imagine a buyer could want anything more from a towel during this process.

Plus, the towels are rather versatile. They should have no issues working well as a bath towel, or in any other manner, one of these items might be used. Its high absorbent rate ensures it can work in these roles effectively.

But I do wish this 4-pack was a little less costly as their price tag is a little outside my budget. It’s a shame too because I really do love these towels.
  • 32” x 62” size
  • Superb comfort and absorbency
  • Made with soft, durable cotton velour
  • Multi-color design
  • 4-pack
  • Expensive
Even with their expensive price tag, I would suggest taking a long look at buying these fantastic towels. You aren’t likely going to find another option more capable than these products. It’s just not easy to match their incredible absorption rate and soft feel.

5. JML Microfiber Beach Towels

The first non-cotton option on this list is JML’s Microfiber Beach Towels. But this lack of cotton material doesn’t make these towels any less soft. It was actually quite shocking how great they felt when I was using one of them to dry off after swimming.

You should also love their incredible absorbent rate. In fact, the microfiber fabric is capable of absorbing over 7 to 9 times its weight in water. This ability makes them more effective than most terry cloth or cotton towels available.

I could imagine this top tier absorbency being useful in other towel duties, as well. For instance, it shouldn’t have any issues working as a hair, sport, or bath towel. Each one of these towels works exceptionally well in these roles.

These products would also be a part of your life for many years. You can attribute this benefit to them having well-stitched hemming, which should keep it from falling apart. Plus, if one does start breaking down, this option comes with a few backups to replace it.

I was more than pleased with the towels’ easy cleaning process, as well. This feature comes from them being both machine washable and dryable. You just have to pay close attention to their individual instruction located on the care tag.

But I was a little annoyed by the size of these towels. These options are only 27” by 55”, which is a bit too small for my 6-foot frame.
  • Made from strong microfiber
  • Easy to clean
  • Stitched hemming
  • Great absorption
  • Affordable price
  • 6-pack
  • 27” by 55” size
This option may not be a suitable choice for me because of size concerns. But these towels just offered too many excellent features not to include them. They could be an excellent pick for someone who isn’t as tall as me.

6. Utopia Towels Cotton Pool Towels

The second option from Utopia Towels on this list would be a perfect option for people looking to buy kids pool towels. These towels are capable of fitting this role due to their smaller size at 24” by 48”, which should fit a growing kid well.

It also makes them an effective option for anyone looking to get a pool towel capable of working well as a bath towel. These highly absorbent options should adapt well into this job thanks to their premier cotton designs.

I was rather intrigued by their double stitched hemmed finishing, as well. This feature will ensure the towels last longer by reducing the disintegration after washing. Any aspect capable of extending a product’s lifespan is always a win in my book.

The ability to choose between six color schemes was another favorite trait of mine. This aspect will allow me to pick a set of towels that perfectly fit my personality and style. In my case, the black coloring would be the best option, but each of them looks amazing.

You should also love the affordable price of these towels. I was initially shocked when I came across the cost when doing product research. I mean, it provides six top tier towels for the price of what you would usually get a 4-pack.

But this option ends up not meshing with my needs for a simple reason, the size. I don’t have any kids and need a much larger towel to fit my frame.
  • Double-stitched hemmed finishing
  • Made from durable cotton
  • Highly absorbent
  • Available in 6 colors
  • 6-pack
  • Affordable price
  • 24” by 48” size
Aside from the size, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these beautiful towels. They should meet the needs of anyone who’s capable of fitting on them. But sadly, I don’t fit into this description.

7. HAVLULAND Turkish Cotton Pool Towel

HAVLULAND’s Turkish Cotton Pool Towel is one of the most versatile options on this entire list. The towels’ versatility comes from its use of Turkish cotton material. This allows these products to be multi-purpose items capable of benefiting your life in many ways.

For instance, these towels should work perfectly in your bathroom, spa, pool, or even at the gym. There’s no way a buyer wouldn’t get their money’s worth with these products, given their ability to function in these roles.

You can attribute their versatility to the Turkish cotton’s unreal absorbency rate. This aspect makes it a perfect fit for any process that requires a towel. It also doesn’t hurt that Turkish cotton is among the softest materials used in making these products.

I found this product’s overall design to be quite appealing, as well. Their striped weave design would fit well into what I’m looking for in my next set of towels. Plus, each towel in this 6-pack comes with its own color scheme. This aspect will ensure everyone has one, which fits into their style.

Another reason to seriously consider this option is each towel was made to be eco-friendly. In other words, no chemicals were used in their creation. You don’t have to worry about something terrible happening from using these towels.

But I was a little sad to see these towels don’t come with a warranty. This was rather unexpected from a top tier brand like HAVLULAND. It just seems like a misstep by a company that has such an excellent reputation.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Made with Turkish cotton
  • Highly absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • 6-pack
  • Doesn’t seem to have a warranty
I would still put these towels near the top of my consideration list, even without a warranty attached. Their many great features and affordable price more than won me over.

8. BC BARE COTTON Pool Beach Towels

If you’re looking for towels capable of drying quickly, BC BARE COTTON Pool Beach Towels should be a serious consideration. These products are head and shoulders above most other options when it comes to this area.

But their quick-drying process isn’t their only admirable feature. You should also find their 30” x 60” size perfect for sunbathing on a beach or lounging at the pool. It should easily allow an adult to layout and enjoy their tanning session.

I was rather intrigued by the towels’ overall design, as well. These products have proven to be low-lint and durable, which can be attributed to its construction. It seems BC BARE COTTON did an excellent job to ensure everything about these towels is user-friendly.

The design’s material certainly lives up to this belief. As with most options on this list, these towels are made from breathable cotton. This material should provide high levels of both softness and absorbency.

You’ll also benefit from its easy cleaning process, which comes from it being machine washable. It’s just a simple matter of reading the included directions on each towels’ care tag, applying them, and throwing the towels into your washing machine.

The four color options certainly don’t hurt this set’s case, either. Each color scheme looks beautiful and should easily mesh with a wide range of people’s respective styles. However, these towels do come with one significant downside. This issue comes from its price tag, which is much more than I’d like to spend on a 4-pack set.
  • 30” x 60” size
  • Machine washable
  • Super absorbent
  • Excellent comfort
  • Made with durable cotton
  • 4-pack
  • Costly
The price tag is a little too rich for my blood, but you can’t argue with the results. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for top tier quality, I don’t see how this option would let you down.

9. Turquoise Textile 100% Turkish Cotton Pool Towel

This set of towels from Turquoise Textile will have no issues meeting your style needs. It comes in 18 color schemes to ensure it meshes well with a lot of different customers. Each of these schemes looks great and should have people asking where you get these towels.

You shouldn’t overlook the other features these towels offer, either. As with some previous options, this set is made entirely out of genuine Turkish cotton. This material will feel soft against your skin and offer a premier absorption rate.

I also love how these towels feature hems, which are all double-stitched. These double-stitched hems promote a high level of durability. You should expect these products to hold up for a long time and keep offering top tier results for years.

These towels having the ability to dry quickly is another feature worth mentioning. This aspect comes from them being expertly woven and constructed. Due to this, you won’t find yourself sitting on a soaked towel for an extended period on your beach adventures.

I also love that this option comes in three sizes. You can get a 3-pack, 4-pack, or 6-pack. I always find it nice when you’re able to choose the quantity for products like these. It increases the chances of a happy buying experience by a large margin.

But these towels do have a significant downside to them. These products tend to produce a lot of lint during the cleaning process. This issue can make drying them with other pieces of laundry a real hassle.
  • Made with Turkish cotton
  • Double-stitched hems
  • 18 color options
  • Dry quickly
  • Three size options
  • Machine washable
  • Produced more lint than expected
The lint issues did provide more of a hassle than I initially expected. But you can minimize this problem by washing them separately from other pieces of laundry. As a result, these towels should still garner serious consideration because they do offer excellent results.

10. Great Bay Home Cabana Stripe Pool Towels

Great Bay Home’s Cabana Stripe Pool Towels happen to be the last product on this list. But this placement doesn’t mean these towels are cheap pool towels, which aren’t ready to meet your needs. It’s actually quite the opposite as these products have some fantastic features.

For instance, I love the design of this towel set. Each towel is comprised of strong cotton known to provide durability, extra softness, and high absorption. Honestly, towel design material doesn’t get much better than what’s used in these towels.

I also love the cabana stripe design. It’s a classic look that has never gone out of style and should make sure you can sunbathe in fashion. Plus, these towels come in eight colors to further ensure they mesh with your personality.

The easy cleaning process was another standout trait for me. These towels are machinable washable and long-lasting to ensure this process goes off without a hitch. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re fade-resistant, which should keep them looking brand new for years.

You have to love the satisfaction guarantee offered by Great Bay Home, as well. This brand seems fully committed to ensuring its customers are pleased with their products. It’s always lovely when a brand you’re buying from is willing to go the extra mile.

But I wasn’t a fan of this set’s price tag or the towels’ thin construction. The thin construction was especially annoying as it was slightly uncomfortable to lay on during sunbathing sessions.
  • Made from strong, durable cotton
  • Easy to clean
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Comes in 8 colors
  • Classic cabana stripe design
  • Two size options
  • Expensive
  • Thin construction
This option won’t be near the top of my consideration list due to its flaws. But you should take a look at them anyway because their absorption rate and softness are off the chart. If you can live with the thin construction and price tag, these could be a great buy.

What to Look for When Buying a Pool Towel


Choosing the best pool towel might seem like an easy decision. But many features can have a massive impact on this choice. This section will discuss each at length to ensure you have a better grasp of what makes up your perfect option.


Most pool towels will be made from some sort of cotton material. This fabric is seen as a luxurious material as spas and hotels tend to use it for their respective guests. You can also expect a cotton towel to be extremely durable and capable of absorbing water while drying quickly. These aspects make cotton a sought after, top tier material within pool towels.

However, cotton isn’t the only material capable of making great towels. Microfiber is another popular option among pool towel manufacturers. It happens to be thinner than what you’d expect from a cotton weave, which makes it less of a burden on hot summer days.

Microfiber is known for its ability to absorb water at an effective rate. This aspect is another one that makes it such a great material to use in pool towels. If you intend to visit the pool or beach regularly, a cotton or microfiber towel would be a smart purchase.


As you might expect, towel size can vary dramatically among these products. I find the ideal size to be around 30” by 60”. This size gives me the ability to layout, and it won’t get sand everywhere on my body when I’m at the beach.

But people reading this article might be a little taller than a 6-foot person like me. If you fall into this category, it might be wise to look at buying a 2 or 4 pack. This action would allow you to extend the towel to fit your taller frame.

I should also acknowledge other alternative options out there for taller people. Some pool towels do come in oversized versions to solve this issue. But these oversized towels aren’t too common on today’s market and require a lot of research to find.

The other alternative is looking into buying a circular pool towel. These products aren’t nearly as commonplace as regular rectangle models but are capable of doing the job effectively. A circular model usually can fit more people on it than the standard type.

If these circle pool towels seem appealing, I suggest getting one with a diameter of 60”. This construction should act as a beach blanket and offer enough space to fit 3 to 4 people in a sitting position or allow a taller person to layout comfortably.

Absorption Capabilities

A top tier pool towel should have no issues drying off a person quickly. If it fails in this regard, I imagine a search for a replacement would start rather shortly. This towel should also feature fast-drying technology to ensure you aren’t laying on a wet one.

Wet towels aren’t exactly comfortable to sit on and will attract those pesky sand fleas. As a result, you’re going to need a model capable of absorbing water effectively and drying quickly. Finding a model with this balance is the key to locating a perfect towel.

I should also mention that thinner towels tend to be worse at drying a person off after a swim. But what these thin options lose in absorbency, they gain in their drying time. In fact, a thinner towel won’t take much time to dry at all, especially after laying on the hot sand.

Towel’s Thickness

The right thickness will end up depending on how you intend to use your chosen pool towel. For instance, a person who likes going swimming at a rocky beach would want an option on the thicker side rather than thinner. Its thickness will protect and cushion your body from the harder surface below it.

But people who prefer sandy beaches should opt for a thinner towel. A thinner surface would do better at handling the coarse and messy nature of sand. In any case, it’s vital to realize these towels feature the same technology as bed sheets.

Due to this, thickness will be measured using a term called grams per square meter (gsm). This figure will determine the quality of each towel on today’s market. Most options will sit between 350-450 gsm, but a top tier option will have as many as 600-650 gsm.

In other words, this higher number means that there’s a large amount of key material, such as cotton, per square meter. Towels with 600-650 gsm will be thicker, softer, and offer a more plushy feel than a regular option hovering around 350 or 450 gsm.


The towel’s design or style shouldn’t be your first priority. But this factor still does have a rather significant impact on a customer’s final decision. After all, no one’s going to buy a towel that doesn’t fit their particular personality.

Pool towel brands realized this fact and created various styles. You’ll find options with bright patterns and others with a more dull, muted design. Therefore, it’s best to do some research and find an option that fits your distinct taste.

You should know a towel’s color can determine how well it holds up over time. For example, a striped or white towel will stain or get dirty more quickly than a darker shade. But these darker towels will heat up much faster. You’ll need to account for little details like these when trying to find the perfect option.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s a must to find a pool towel, which has an easy cleaning process. This aspect is crucial to ensuring you don’t end up regretting the purchase. How easy these products are to clean will depend on several different factors.

You see, some options will feature a seam’s edge with a frill around it. This design makes them somewhat difficult to clean and a pretty big hassle. But you’ll also find towels with ring-spun cotton, which means it can’t be dried inside a drying machine.

Most manufacturers will put these little cleaning details within the product description. It’d be wise to read these descriptions before making a final choice. This action will help ensure you don’t buy a towel with a more complicated cleaning process than you’d want.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Making the right choice will come down to more than having a handle on each factor mentioned in our previous section. You’ll also need a wealth of background info about these handy products. Our following discussions will ensure you gain it.

What is a pool towel?

A pool towel is an oversized towel that’s designed for use by a lake or pool. These products will usually be soft to your touch, thick, highly absorbent, and large enough for users to wrap their entire bodies when necessary.

Their primary purpose is to dry a person off whose’ exiting a pool or lake. But these pool towels can also be draped over a lounge chair and allowing you to bask in the sun. This aspect makes these products a favorite among people who love tanning.

Pool towels usually feature a choice of fiber that’s similar to what you’d find used as linens in a bathroom. As a result, terrycloth is a favorite as many manufacturers rely heavily on natural fibers like cotton when designing these products.

In some cases, a small amount of synthetic fibers might be added into the towel material’s blend. This action usually takes place to increase the towel’s absorbent capabilities to meet specific industry standards.

You should also know these towels are capable of being both somewhat thin or very thick and luxurious. Like we noted previously, the product’s thickness will come down to its thread count and personal preferences.

As for its size, pool towels happen to be one of the largest towel sizes available. In most cases, you can expect these products to at least match the average size of a male in height. Its length will usually be wide enough to wrap itself around an adult’s shoulders.

These size parameters make pool towels larger than the standard size of bath towels or even bath sheets. But even though these products are bigger, it doesn’t mean they don’t come in numerous patterns and color options.

You could get an option that’s simply a white pool towel or one featuring many bright colors in its pattern. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, with manufacturers come out with new designs every year.

Given this info, it’s quite clear finding the perfect pool towel shouldn’t be an issue for someone with the right tools. You just have to figure out a way to lessen the number of options down toward a more manageable amount. From there, picking the proper choice should be a piece of cake.

How does it work?

There’s nothing complex about using a pool towel. It’s the same process as using a bath or other type lying around your home. You pick it up, dry yourself using it, and hang it some hook to ensure it can dry out effectively before the next use.

Of course, a pool towel does have a couple more applications than a standard bath towel. These towels are often used as items people who are sunbathing can lie on during the process. In this case, you drape it over a lounge chair and let it absorb the water coming off your body.

Why Do You Need a Pool Towel?

The primary purpose of getting a pool towel is rather apparent; a person who’s going to the beach or pool will need to dry off after exiting the water. These products will accomplish this task with ease. But I think it’s important to examine why a pool towel is a more practical option than other types for this particular job.

Due to this, I’ll examine a few benefits that a pool towel can offer, which a bath or other towel can’t. These discussions will provide a better sense of why investing in one of these products is a wise move.

Larger Size

Pool towels tend to be larger than a standard bath towel and much larger than any other towels lying around your home. You see, these products will usually measure around 30” by 60 to 70”, which is 2 ½ feet by 5 to almost 6 feet. But bath towels tend to be a little smaller measuring in at 27” by 50” to 58”.

Therefore, a pool towel ends up offering a bit more lounging room. This aspect is ideal for someone looking to relax at either the beach or pool. After all, you don’t want your legs hanging off the towel and touching the surface.

Dries Out Quicker

Bath towels need to be thicker and more luxurious than pool towels. These aspects fit their purpose of drying off a person coming out of the shower better. In other words, a thicker towel will help absorb water more quickly and ensure you don’t receive a chill with wet skin.

These towels ensure it’s much easier to put on your clothing quickly and stay slightly warm. But bath options do come with a rather large downside, which makes them a bad fit for pool areas. These thicker options tend to take much longer to dry out.

As you might expect, this problem is a massive issue for people on the beach. You don’t want to be lying down on a wet towel for an extended period. Due to this, beach or pool towels are designed to dry out quicker, which makes them thinner in nature.

Flashier Designs

You can expect pool towels to be available in more colored patterns and prints than bath towels, as well. This aspect makes them the perfect canvas to show off your sense of style. Some even feature classic art reprints, which will surely make other people jealous.

In the end, pool towels are meant to be seen, while bath models are designed to be stacked or placed on a wall hanging. It’s another way these products are clearly a better option for anyone going to a pool or beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section will try to answer any remaining questions rattling around inside your brain. These discussions should quell those lingering concerns or issues. It’ll end up being the final piece to understanding what pool towel is ideally suited for your situation.

What are the most trusted pool towel brands?

The most trusted pool towel brands provide their customers with top tier service and products. If you’re looking for a few examples, take a gander at our product review section. Each company mentioned has gained a reputation for doing whatever’s possible to meet their buyer’s needs:

How to wash and dry pool towels?

The first thing to do before washing your pool towel is shaking loose all the debris and sand from it. It’ll ensure sand doesn’t end up in every crevice of your washing machine. From there, the process will generally follow these four quick steps:

  • Sort the laundry load into dark and light plies. Make sure to check the towel’s care tag to ensure you’re washing it with the proper method.
  • If there’s no special directions, proceed to wash your pool towel in a hot wash ( between 40 and 60 degrees) with a cold rinse. This process should destroy any bacteria it may have collected.
  • Make sure to use a top tier detergent when washing your towel.
  • Once the washing is complete, some people like to tumble-dry pool towels to promote maximum softness. We suggest air-drying them instead because it’s a more eco-friendly and economical method. But please, shake them out before hanging them to fluff them a bit more. It’d also be wise to avoid putting them in direct sunlight unless they’re white. Constant sun exposure has been known to fade colors.

What is the warranty?

A pool towel’s warranty will vary from product to product. You’ll come across with 1-month, 6-month, or year-long policies. It’s really a crapshoot, which entirely depends on what model and company made your chosen towel.

In any case, I’d suggest getting one with a warranty whenever possible. These policies will offer some much-needed protection against anything bad happening with the towel. It’s always nice to get a free replacement or your money back when accidentally receiving a dud.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy pool towels would be on Amazon.com. This website will have the largest amount of options and usually the lowest prices among sellers. As you might expect, this combo is a hard thing for rivals to beat.

But I do recommend searching through these other stores, as well. It’s always a good idea to get the lay of the marketplace before making a final choice. Looking through Target, Wal-Mart, and other similar stores could help ensure you never miss out on a deal.


Reading this article should’ve provided everything needed to make a responsible choice about what the best pool towels are for your situation. As a result, you must apply this new knowledge into your search to find these elusive products.

Your perfect towels might even be ones from our product review section. But even if they’re not, these discussions should make finding your next set a breeze. Those early feelings of frustration and stress should disappear quickly with this new info at your disposal.

But remember, don’t hesitate to let me know about any problems that pop up during the search. I’d love to help out in any way possible.

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