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The Best Pool Clarifiers of 2020

Every pool owner wants to see clear and pristine water in their swimming pool. However, the regular usage of the pool makes it more vulnerable to different types of dirt and contaminants that make the water cloudy.

Meanwhile, doing regular cleaning and vacuuming is not enough to prevent the pool water from being cloudy. The need to use the best pool clarifier is equally important to maintain crystal-clear water in your swimming pool.

best pool clarifier

Furthermore, having clear water is also an obvious sign of a germ-free and clean swimming pool. It is also a direct sign of the absence of algae and other bacteria in the water which is good to the health of the pool users. Because of this, choosing and applying the best pool water clarifier into your pool must also be a part of your pool cleaning and maintenance.

In this article, we will be reviewing 10 of the best water clarifier for pool which are available in the market today. With a lot of products to choose from, our review which features the strengths and weaknesses of each product will be your guide in selecting the right pool clarifier for your swimming pool.

Best Pool Clarifier Reviews of 2020

1. Clorox Pool and Spa Super Water Clarifier

If you are not familiar, the Clorox Water Clarifier is arguably one of the most popular swimming pool water clarifier today with a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews. I am personally using this brand and am proud to say that it produces the best result for my swimming pool in keeping the pool water crystal clear.

What I like most about this product is how it make the pool’s water clean at an affordable price. It produces the same result with its more expensive and pricey competition.

An ounce of this water clarifier can treat about 5000 galloons of your pool water by combining small pool particles into a large group for an easy filter removal. The product is also a liquid concentrate which means it can treat huge volume of water in just a single bottle.

Furthermore, I am also amazed at how this product is easy to use and apply in the pool. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and you will have clean and crystal-clear water in no time. However, one minor flaw of this product is it cannot be used with small water bodies such as spa. The product is too concentrated that it may not be effective in small pools or spa.
  • Provides value for your money
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides quick results
  • May not be suitable for small pools and spa
Despite the minor flaw, I will still recommend this product for purchase because of its effectivity and the ability to produce the desired result quickly. This product is perfect for pool owners who want to have crystal-clear water at the quickest possible time.

2. Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier

This is another clarifiers for pools that deserve to be reviewed due to its effectivity and the ability to provide quick results. It also comes in a concentrated solution and an ounce of this pool clarifier can clean up to 5000 gallons of pool water.

There are a lot of users who claims that this pool clarifier provides instant results after just a few hours of application. This is great news for the results-oriented pool owner who wants their pool water become crystal-clear at the quickest time possible.

I am also amazed at how this pool clarifier can work with any type of filters in the pool. Furthermore, this is a non-toxic product that will not clog the filters during the application process.

Finally, this product also takes pride in its affordability and fair pricing which makes it more appealing to the pool owners. It is also easy to use and can be effective in any temperature and chemical levels of your swimming pool.

However, one small imperfection about this product is the container or the packaging’s quality. The plastic bottle has the tendency to leak if not closed properly.
  • Provides value for your money
  • Easy to use
  • Can work with any type of filters
  • Provides quick results
  • Packaging needs to improve
The small imperfection is tolerable and I will still recommend this product for purchase if you are looking for a high-quality pool clarifier. If you are looking for a product that makes your pool water clear in the shortest amount of time, then this pool clarifies is definitely for you.

3. hth Pool Clarifier Super Clarifier

This type of swimming pool clarifier is also effective in removing unwanted organic debris and dead algae from the water of your swimming pool. All you have to do is follow the pool clarifier instructions to achieve the best result.

For this product to be effective, apply the clarifier after you have done treatment in the water of your pool. It doesn’t matter if its algaecidal treatment, superchlorination, or shock treatment, just used this clarifier 4 – 12 hours after the treatment. The result will be quickly noticed 24 – 48 hours after the application.

Another positive side of this product is it’s highly-concentrated which means it provides the best value for your money. In fact, an ounce of this pool water clarifier can treat at least 6000 gallons of your pool water.

I also like that it does not only make your pool water clear, it also improves the efficiency of the pool’s filter system. Lastly, this product can also be used for swimming pools with a salt systems in their pool water. This is an amazing product that is worth your purchase.

However, one weakness that I notice from this product is it may not be as effective with smaller bodies of water such ponds or spa due to its high concentration.
  • Easy to use
  • Provides quick result
  • Provides value for your money
  • Can also be used with saltwater
  • Not advisable for smaller pools or ponds
The weakness stated above is just a minor setback to a very good product. This is still a good option for your pool if you are looking for a product to complement the treatment of your pool and make the water clear at the quickest time possible.

4. Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity All-Natural Pool and Spa Clarifier

If you are looking for a clarifier that can be used for both pool and spa, then this product is highly recommended. This is an all-natural clarifier that can assist the pool owner in keeping their pool water clean and crystal-clear all days of the week.

What I like about this product is it’s non-toxic which means that the swimming pool can immediately be used after treatment because it is completely safe. The product is also biodegradable and is safe for the environment.

For consumers who are particular of the product’s place of manufacture, this pool clarifier is made in the US. So, expect a high-quality pool clarifier in your position once you decide to purchase it.

Finally, unlike other pool clarifiers that can only be used for large swimming pools, this product can also be used in spa and other places with less volume of water. There are only a few of this type of pool clarifier in the market and if you have a small pool, then this product is best suited for you.

Although this product is affordable compared to the competition, the quality of the plastic container needs to improve.
  • Affordable
  • Promotes safety with its non-toxic features
  • Environment-friendly
  • Can be used for booth pool and spa
  • Low-quality plastic container
The small imperfection of this product is not an issue. I will still recommend this pool clarifier for purchase if you are looking for affordability and effectiveness in a pool clarifier. This product can turn your cloudy pool water into crystal-clear and germ-free after the application.

5. BioGuard Polysheen Blue Clarifier

The next pool clarifier that I am about to review has been earning positive feedbacks and reviews from previous buyers. This particular pool clarifier takes pride in its affordability and effectiveness in making your pool water clear and clean.

What I like best about this product is it does need dilution during the application process which means less effort on your part. Just drop an ounce of this pool clarifier and it can treat about 5000 gallons of pool water.

Furthermore, this pool clarifier is highly-concentrated and can make the pool water crystal-clear at the fastest amount of time. It is also easy to use and can also be applied to the pool filter system.

Finally, as an added advantage, this product was manufactured not to affect the water balance and the pH rating of your swimming pool.

However, because of its high concentration, I cannot recommend this product to small-size pools or even hot tubs. So, if you own a smaller type of pool, better choose another product that is more effective and can serve the purpose of making your pool water crystal-clear.
  • Affordable and effective
  • No dilution needed
  • Can be used to the pool’s filter
  • Easy to used
  • Cannot be used for small pools, hot tubs, and spa
I will still recommend this product for purchase if you are looking easy to use pool clarifier. There are only a few pool clarifiers that do not need dilution and this product is one of them. This means less effort on your behalf during the treatment.

6. SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier

One of the products that I want to highlight is the SeaKlear Chitosan Pool Clarifier. This is an excellent product that takes pride in being environment-friendly while making the pool water clear and clean.

As a matter of fact, this biodegradable and natural clarifier contains shells coming from the seafood industry. The said shells were already considered as garbage before it was being put to good use by this particular pool clarifier.

Furthermore, this is one of the most highly-concentrated clarifiers which means you can treat a large volumes of pool water in just one bottle. This is good in terms of having the best value for your money.

This pool clarifier is not limited to swimming pools as it can also be used to improve the pool’s filter efficiency. It is also compatible with almost all of the present sanitizing system in the swimming pool.

This product is good in so many ways but there is one weakness that needs to be improved and that is its poor packaging. The poor quality of the packaging is so obvious that it might get damaged when not being handled properly.
  • Environment-friendly
  • Provides value for your money
  • Can also be used in the pool filter
  • Compatible with any pool sanitizing system
  • Biodegradable
  • Poor packaging
The minor flaw of this product cannot hide its value in terms of its effectiveness in making the pool water crystal-clear. I am recommending this product to pool owners who love the environment and mother nature in general because this is worth the purchase.

7. In the Swim Super Floc Out Pool Water Clarifier

This product is a type of flocculant, a pool clarifier substitute or alternative which is best used to assist the pool filter when there is too many algae or debris in your swimming pool.

This particular flocculant is best used after applying algae treatment in your swimming pool. I also like that it does not affect the pH level of your pool during the application. Furthermore, it is also safe to use this product in any type of swimming pool and filter.

In terms of its dosage, every 8 ounces of this can treat 10000 gallons of pool water. So, if you buy 1 bottle, it can treat a total of 40000 gallons of water in your swimming pool. Not bad for a flocculant which cleans the debris in your pool and makes the water super clear at an affordable price.

You will also be amazed at how the debris and the dirt settle on the pool floor as a result of using this product. This will give you an easy time to clean and vacuum the pool floor to remove all the algae and dirt away from the swimming pool.

However, there is one minor issue of this product and that is the quality of the plastic bottle. The plastic container might break apart when not handled properly.
  • Affordable
  • Can be used in any type of pool or filter
  • Easy to used
  • Poor packaging
If you have too many algae and other debris in your pool, a flocculant like this might be helpful for the pool treatment. I am recommending this product for purchase because of its quality and the ability to provide quick results for your pool cleaning and maintenance.

8. Natural Chemistry 3500 Clear and Perfect Pool Water Clarifier

This pool water clarifier is claiming to be the most advanced, scientific, and technological pool water clarifier in the market today. How true is this, its for you to find out.

What I like most about this clarifier is it features 6 different functions during the treatment namely agglomeration, coagulation, flocculation, adhesion, compaction, and neutralization. Please take note that there is no other pool water clarifier offering these six different features.

With regards to its dosage, an ounce of this product can treat 4000 gallons of pool water if the pool has too many algae or other debris. For weekly maintenance, an ounce of this pool clarifier can be used to treat 6000 gallons of water.

This pool clarifier was manufactured and designed to work specifically in a pool environment so a positive result is expected when applied into your pool. It also contains multiple polymers that kill other unwanted substances found in the pool water.

As good as this product is, I noticed the poor quality of the cap which is used as a sprayer. There is a tendency that it might break when not used properly when spraying.
  • Provides value for your money
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible to any type of pool
  • Affordable
  • Low quality of cap/sprayer
I am highly recommending this product for pool owners who are willing to experiment and try this advance pool clarifier. I have seen this product personally with one of my friends and it works just fine. I can assure you that this product will be worth your money if you decide to buy it soon.

9. CLOROX Pool and Spa Algaecide + Clarifier

The Clorox algaecide and clarifier is my ultimate choice for a product that kills and prevent the growth of algae and clarify your pool water at the same time. Yes, you read it right, it’s a 2 in 1 product and is really worth your purchase.

I am amazed at how this product kills and prevents pool algae while turning the cloudy pool into more crystal-clear water. Unlike other products where you need to purchase the algaecide and the clarifier separately, this product combines the two and will definitely save you money.

I also like that it’s non-foaming and the pool can be used immediately after the treatment. You only need around 15 minutes of waiting and you can use the swimming pool after. This is different from other clarifiers or flocculants for that matter where you need more time before using the pool again.

Lastly, this product can also be used in any type of pool. So, if you have a big or mall pool, a spa, or a hot tub, it does not matter. This product will help you in cleaning and preventing algae while keeping the pool water crystal-clear at the same time.

Although this is a good product to have, I think this is overpriced when compared to its competitors. There are a lot of brands that offer less price with the same quality and results.
  • Easy to use
  • Provides value for your money
  • Compatible to any type of pool
  • Overpriced
Even though this is an overpriced product, I am still recommending it for purchase because of its quality and the type of results it brings to your swimming pool. But if you are price conscious and, on a budget, I am telling you to look for another product in this review that offers the same features but with a lesser price.

10. Swimables Clear N’ Sparkle Swimming Pool & Spa Clarifier

Last but certainly not the least, this last pool water clarifier from Swimables takes pride in its efficiency in making the pool water sparkling and crystal clear quickly.

I like that this product is made in the US so expect a pool clarifier manufactured with the highest quality standard. This is also made to have the highest quality and durability to make sure that it works efficiently during the treatment.

This is another highly-concentrated clarifier that can treat 100000 gallons of water per ounce of this product. So, in terms of being economical, this product provides value for your money.

I it is also nice that this product promotes safety to the pool users with its natural composition. Which means that the pool users can immediately use the swimming pool minutes after the treatment. This is a safe and harmless product that treats your water fast to make it sparkle and crystal-clear at the soonest possible time.

However, with its high concentration, this product may not be effective to small pools, hot tubs, and other places with a small volume of water.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to used
  • Provides value for your money
  • Made in the USA
  • Cannot be used to small pools, hot tubs, and others with a small volume of water
If you are looking for quality and efficiency at the same time, this is the perfect product for you. I will also recommend this to all pool owners who are looking for clarifiers that promote safety with its natural composition.

What to Look for When Buying a Pool Clarifier


The pool clarifier plays an important role in your pool’s cleaning and maintenance specifically in turning your cloudy pool into having crystal-clear blue water. For this reason, there are many factors to consider in choosing the best pool clarifier in your pool.

Effectiveness – choose a clarifier that provides great results in making your pool water clear and clean. With a lot of brands out there, it is a challenge to choose the right clarifier that provides the most effective results in your swimming pool.

It is also not advisable to make your own homemade pool clarifier as it does not provide the same effect and results to your swimming pool. Furthermore, the products that are reviewed here are the best in the market and we certainly hope that the guide will help you in selecting the right product.

Concentration – In terms of economic value, the higher the concentration of your pool clarifier, the more pool water it can clean. This also means that you can save more money with those high-concentrated brands.

However, this type of clarifier is usually effective in larger swimming pools only. It is not advisable to used in small pool, ponds, hot tubs, and similar places with a small volume of water.

Price – This is still one of the factors to look for before choosing a brand for your pool clarifier. It is a matter of knowing how much you can spend and finding the right pool clarifier that matches your budget.

Compatibility – Choose a pool clarifier that will provide good results in the type of swimming pool you have. There are pool clarifiers that are made for larger pools and there are others that are compatible with any types of pool. Again, select a product that will work best on the type of pool that you own.

Safety – Pool clarifiers are still chemicals and if not used properly, it may bring health hazards to the pool users. It is best for you to choose a natural clarifier that is safe to use.

We have presented different types of products that are composed of natural materials and bring a lot of safety to the pool users. A good indicator of a safe pool clarifier is when pool users can use the swimming pool immediately minutes after the application.

Easy Usage – Every pool clarifier provides different ways of usage. There are some which need dilution and there are some which do not. It is up to you select a product that works best depending on your preference in the treatment process.

Place of Manufacture – It is not bad to consider the place of manufacture in selecting the right product for you. For Pool Clarifiers, there are a lot of these products that are made in the US where the quality is top-notched. There are also other clarifiers that are manufactured outside the US that also come in good quality.

Packaging – It is also a must to consider the packaging of the clarifier when choosing the right one poor your pool. There are a lot of brands with a cheap plastic container which is easily damaged when not handled properly.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pool clarifier?

In general terms, a pool clarifier is being used when pool owners want to have crystal-clear bluish water in the pool. In other words, a clarifier is needed when you have a cloudy pool that has a large presence of algae and other unwanted debris.

Although it may feel like its generally safe to swim in a cloudy pool, the danger cannot be underestimated especially when it comes to the health of the pool users. The pool clarifier then plays an important role in removing all unwanted debris in the pool, thus improving the clearness and clarity of the pool water.

How does pool clarifier work?

Making the pool water crystal-clear and clean is the end product of using a pool clarifier in your swimming pool. But how does it work? When your pool water is being treated, all the dirt and grimes in the pool are collected and clump together by the pool clarifier.

Once all the dirt and grimes are grouped together, it will then float to the surface of the pool water which in turn will be captured by the pool’ filter system. This will make your pool water clean while also increasing its clarity.

To use the clarifier, it is important to know the reasons behind the pool water’s cloudiness. The chemical imbalance in your pool and a clogged filter are some of the few reasons that turn your pool water into cloudy. The weather, specifically the rain, also leaves chemicals and debris that can increase the cloudiness of your pool water.

The presence of algae is also another reason for a pool water’s cloudiness. Furthermore, it is important to remove the algae from the pool using other treatments before applying the pool clarifier.

It is also important to balance the chemicals in your pool before applying the pool clarifier. You have to know the alkalinity, calcium hardness, and the high pH of your pool before starting the treatment.

After that, follow the instructions found in your pool clarifier diligently in terms of the overall process of the treatment. Be sure to put the exact dosage of the pool clarifier in the swimming pool. Applying too much clarifier in pool might affect its effectivity to produced the much-needed result you want.

The next thing do is to run your pool’s filtration for 24 hours to increase the effectiveness of the pool clarifier. This will improve the circulation and the filtration of your pool while also checking the pH and chlorine levels during the process.

What is the difference between a clarifier and a flocculant?

A clarifier and flocculant work the same in so many ways in cleaning the swimming pool and turning a cloudy pool with crystal-clear water. However, the main difference between the two is how they collect the dirt and the process of removing it.

A clarifier collects and group together all the dirt and unwanted grime in the pool and makes it float on the surface. The pool’s filtration system will then capture all the dirt making the pool clean.

A pool clarifier will be a great help in the pool’s filtration system in capturing and collecting all the unwanted dirt in the pool. However, there is also a chance that the huge volume of dirt will be stuck to the filter which might also affect the overall cleanliness of the pool. Be sure to check the pool’s filter system from time to time.

Meanwhile, flocculants clump together all unwanted dirt and grime and sink them down to the pool floor. The pool owner will then proceed to vacuum all the dirt on the floor in order to make the swimming pool clean and free from dirt.

With this information, it is better to use a flocculant when there is too much debris or algae in your swimming pool. Using a flocculant also requires more time for you with the needed cleaning and vacuuming of the pool floor after the treatment.

Sometimes you also need to take out all the water in your pool after a flocculant treatment. Be sure to prepare in replacing the pool water immediately after the treatment process. As a swimming pool flocculant tips, use this substance only if the pool is too dirty and you have the time to vacuum it after the treatment.

Why do you need a pool water clarifier?

There are so many reasons why you need a pool water clarifier in the pool and these are listed below:

Water Clarity – the most important benefits of a pool clarifiers are to increase the pool water’s clarity or in layman’s term, making it crystal-clear. Always remember that having crystal-clear pool water is a sign of a healthy and clean swimming pool. Clear pool water will also make the swimming pool more attractive to pool users especially the children.

Bacteria and Algae Prevention – Applying a pool clarifier regularly prevents small particles from developing into a bigger group of bacteria and algae. Please take note that these small particles when not clean regularly will then form into a much bigger bacteria which in turn contaminate your pool and makes it look dirty.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Regularly using a pool clarifier as part of the cleaning and maintenance of the pool will help every pool owner in so many ways. For one, it will make the job easy in terms of vacuuming or scrubbing in the swimming pool.

It will also keep the water clean and healthy to make it safe and avoid health hazards to the pool users.

Makes the pool attractive – Who does not like a clear and pristine pool? No one right? Regularly using a pool clarifier will make the swimming pool more attractive and inviting to all pool users.

It will also help in cleaning the pool water in terms of removing the algae and other organisms found inside the swimming pool. This is turn will make the water healthy and making it crystal-clear for the benefit of the pool users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted pool clarifier brands?

When buying a pool clarifier, the presence of several brands makes it more challenging to choose the right clarifier for your swimming pool. However, there are a few brands that stand out based on their experience in producing high-quality clarifier.

Brands such as Clorox, Robarb, Tidal Vision, Swimmable, and SeaKlear Chitosan are the industry leaders in making high-quality pool clarifier. There are also other brands not mention but those that are being reviewed here are the best in the industry.

How much clarifier to put in the pool?

Different brands have different dosages in the treatment process of your pool water. It also depends on the size and the type of pool you have.

The most important thing is to follow the full instruction indicated on the brand that you are using. Failure to do so might affect the performance of your pool clarifier in terms of clean the pool water and making it crystal-clear.

How long does a pool clarifier take to work?

Depending on the brand, there is no fixed time for a pool clarifier to work its magic and make the pool water clean. A lot of brands are claiming that their product can clean the pool and make it crystal clear at the quickest possible time.

However, the most important thing to do is to follow the full instruction needed with your specific pool clarifier brands. Whether its 24 hours or 48 hours, it does not matter as long as it meets the desired results you wanted in the swimming pool.

How to care and maintain?

Luckily, a pool clarifier does need too much caring and maintenance after use. All you have to do is keep it in a safe place where the temperature is normal. It is also important to place it in a storage that is unreachable to children.

What is the warranty?

The warranty for a pool clarifier varies depending on the manufacturer or the company. Some offer different warranty terms than the other. The most important thing to do is knowing the terms of the warranty before buying it.

The warranty serves as the buyer’s protection if in case there is a problem or malfunction in the product they buy. The warranty is an important part of the sales process which the buyer should never forget.

Where to buy?

Buying a particular brand of pool clarifier is easy as it is being sold in the nearest store in your area. If you want to buy online, there is a lot of online stores selling original pool clarifiers such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and other online companies.

There are also companies that have their own online stores where you can buy their pool clarifiers. Please be reminded to buy only at authorized retailers to avoid buying fake products and counterfeits.

When should a clarifier be used?

Using the pool clarifier weekly will help in keeping your water clean and crystal-clear. It is also best to use the clarifier when you began to notice algae slowly forming in your pool and when the pool water becomes dirty.

As a reminder, it is important to put only the exact amount of pool clarifier as stated in the instruction of your brand. Putting a lot will sometimes makes the dirt spread around instead of clumping it together.

If you noticed that the clarifier is not working or not producing the desired results, please check the pool’s filter. If it is clogged, then the filter to make it work properly and you will begin to notice the results that you wanted.

If the situation remains the same, be prepared for deeper cleaning and scrubbing of your pool before using the pool clarifier again.

Why the pool water gets cloudy?

There are several reasons why your pool gets cloudy and the most obvious is when your pool’s filter is clogged or not functioning well. When the filter is not doing its job, then the pool water becomes cloudy in no time.

When there are too many chemicals put in the pool, it might also contribute to dirty and cloudy pool water. Always make sure to regularly check the pH levels of the swimming pool to know if there is a chemical imbalance.

Sometimes, the weather can also contribute to the cloudiness of the pool water. Constant raining will bring unnecessary debris and pollutant to the pool water which makes the water dirty and cloudy.

Finally, when there is the presence of algae or other bacteria in the pool, unable to remove it will make the water cloudy at the soonest possible time.

Is there such a thing as a homemade clarifier?

As far as I know, there is still no one who has developed a homemade clarifier that can match the effectiveness of the original pool clarifier in cleaning the pool. It is hard to substitute pool clarifiers which have been manufactured and tested a lot of times to produce the much need result in cleaning and increasing the clarity of the pool water.

Although there are some people who have provided samples of their homemade clarifier, I am not recommending it as they have not been tested to work on the swimming pool. It is not worth the risks and may bring more problems to your pool.


We have reviewed 10 of the best pool clarifier available in the market today while showing the strength, weaknesses, and the benefits it brings to the swimming pool. With a lot of brands available, I know that it will be a challenge to choose the right product for your swimming pool.

Our intention is to present to you the best available products for you to choose from. We hope that our review will guide you in choosing the right pool clarifier to clean and to turn your pool with crystal-clear water.

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