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The Best Polaris Pool Cleaners for 2020

During summer, you can easily cool down and relax whenever you want in your swimming pool at home. To give it proper maintenance, you have to constantly remove various debris. Getting a pool cleaner from Polaris will make this task easier.

best polaris pool cleaner

Polaris is well known for providing quality products designed to clean and maintain swimming pools. Cleaning debris is tedious, but this boring chore can be completed for you by a Polaris pool cleaner.

Aside from the reviews, you also need to know the different factors on choosing a pool cleaner best suited for the type of pool you have. This guide will provide you all that information and more about the best Polaris pool cleaner.

Best Polaris Pool Cleaner Reviews

1. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner

Keeping your in-ground pool clean has never been this easy, thanks to the Polaris 360 pool cleaner. This product effectively removes contaminants and surface debris.

What I like about this pressure pool cleaner is that its single chamber filter bag can hold large debris like pebbles and leaves with ease. For maximum energy-efficiency, it works without requiring a separate booster pump. This particular Polaris pool sweep sweeps and scrubs the floors, leaving it spotless.

This model’s triple jets power uses advanced cleaning technology. This ensures that you will not experience any interruptions as is the case with other pool cleaner models. This is because it comes with an automatic back-up valve. Because of this, it easily frees itself when it gets stuck in a corner, allowing it to clean your pool with no interruptions.

With its 31-feet feed hose, cleaning is done at a great pace. I think setting it up was easy for me due to the included user manual. Additionally, all of these features come at an affordable price tag, making it ideal for those with budget constraints.

However, the downside of this cleaner is that it takes some time to set it up. In addition, it’s not capable of filtering fine debris. Therefore, I would recommend investing in another pool cleaner if you have fine sand and other small particles.
  • Doesn’t need a booster pump to power it
  • Includes a single filter bag for capturing large debris
  • Its back-up valve frees it when it gets stuck in a corner
  • Cleaning the pool is faster with this model
  • Breezy set-up with available user manual
  • It takes time to set up
  • Not excels at filtering fine debris
Despite not being able to filter fine sand, I still believe that the 360 is a powerful and energy-efficient Polaris pressure pool cleaner. When using this product, remember to empty the filter bag frequently because it is likely to slow down when full.

2. Polaris F9550 Sport Pool Cleaner

This four-wheel-drive robotic Polaris inground pool cleaner comes with state-of-the-art technology. The model comes up with the touch of a button to automatically expel water. I like using its motion-sensing remote control to direct the cleaning.

With this robotic device, removing water from my pool has become quite an easy task. It features a dirty canister indicator, and it is the only model of its kind which features a dirty canister. It also has a 7-day programmable timer that allows me to set it up for a whole week and go about my other duties with less anxiety.

If you love convenience, I recommend getting this cleaner as it does not need a filter bag. It comes with a large filter canister that can hold four times the debris held by other cleaners. For this reason, you don’t have to empty the canister frequently.

Besides, removing debris from the canister is an amazingly straightforward process. You simply need to open the lid of the canister then shake and spray it. Your pool will be cleaned in no time due to its high-powered output.

Stairs and tight corners are also easy to clean due to the forceful rear-water propulsion system. This cleaner gets rid of large debris from the pool. Due to its 70-inch long hose pipe, it can be used to clean large pools.

However, when using a robotic cleaner, you may need a pool screen. This is because slugs, sticks, and leaves are too much debris for this automatic cleaner to handle.
  • Includes a remote control
  • 7-day programmable timer for convenience
  • Has an indicator to show when the canister is full
  • Long hose pipe ideal for cleaning large pools
  • Rear-water propulsion system promotes efficient-cleaning
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning
This is the best option if you want an efficient Polaris automatic pool cleaner. The large filter canister is a feature worth considering, allowing you to filter larger particles of debris although it’s not ideal for pools located under trees.

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner

If you’re looking for a pressure side pool cleaner that can effectively clean your pool in just a matter of 4 hours, then the Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 model is for you. With its 3-wheel iconic design, this Polaris pressure side pool cleaner complete its tasks quickly.

I like the large-capacity filter bag which does not have to be emptied many times. It also prevents debris from reaching the pump basket or filter which increases the life of the filtration system, hence reducing maintenance.

The Polaris 380 can climb walls and go over stairs while picking up large debris such as acorns, pebbles, and leaves. I have all my pool surfaces swept, vacuumed, and scrubbed with this cleaner. It does a pretty impressive job of cleaning every corner of my pool. Moreover, if it gets cornered, freeing it will be easy with an in-line back-up valve. On average, this cleaner takes only 4 hours to clean a 20-ft by 40-ft pool.

However, a separate PB4-60 booster pump is needed for efficient cleaning. I also dislike the fact that the hose pipe gets entangled before finishing the job.
  • Picks up large debris such as leaves and pebbles
  • Features a back-up valve that frees it if it gets stuck in a corner
  • Includes a large-capacity filter bag stores a lot of debris
  • Takes less than 4 hours to clean a medium-sized pool
  • 3-wheel design for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • A booster pump is needed to power this model
  • The hosepipe can sometimes get entangled in the middle of the job
Despite its downsides, this pool cleaner is still a great option if you need an efficient and fast solution.

4. Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for an above ground automatic pool cleaner, Polaris 65 is the best bet. I like that it takes a short time to install and can be used for pools up to 5 feet in depth. Furthermore, it is efficient and takes less than 3 hours to clean the entire pool. This is perfect if you want to use your pool immediately after cleaning.

One advantage is that it directs powerful jets of water against the pool floor using the existing filtration system. Large debris such as leaves and pebbles are trapped in the removable debris bag to prevent the filter from clogging. What’s more, filtered and treated water is spread throughout your pool through the pressure side of the cleaner.

I always refer to the included user manual for troubleshooting. The patented jet sweep assembly loosens debris in hard-to-reach places by blowing water on the walls. Also, the device is powered by the pressure of clean water returning to the pool. Included in the box are a 24-foot float hose, a user manual, and a 65 pressure-side automatic cleaner.

The only issue is that the 24-foot hose may not be effective when cleaning large pools. Therefore, it may not give you optimum results if you are looking to clean large pools.
  • Has a high suction power
  • Cleans up to a depth of 5 feet
  • Takes less than 3 hours to clean the pool
  • Can clean even hard-to-reach areas
  • Helps prevent the clogging of the filter
  • The 24-foot hose is too short for larger pools
This is hands down the best Polaris electric pool cleaner on the market. It can work in both fiberglass and vinyl pools. It’s also quite easy to maintain, so you can say goodbye to both fine and large debris in your pool.

5. Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 3900 is fitted with a dual-chambered zippered bag. This means that cleaning is less frequent since more debris is stored. I think it has the best performance of any in-ground cleaner out there.

The device is powered by a PB4-60 booster pump which is sold separately. Its strong suction power picks up fine and large debris while filtering and circulating 40 gallons of water per minute. As a result, you can enjoy a cleaner and clearer pool.

Its durable stainless-steel drive chain has maximum speed and performance with 50 percent torque. Meanwhile, the cleaner comes with TailSweep Pro that gets rid of debris out of places that are hard to reach. Plus, you will not have to wet the windows and walkways since this cleaner won’t even spray water outside the pool.

Something else that I find outstanding is the fact that it can free itself if it gets stuck using auto-reverse technology.

However, it is not as energy-efficient as I expected, mainly because it requires a separate booster to perform efficiently.
  • Works well in all types of in-ground pools
  • Its dual-chamber bag carries more debris for less frequent cleaning
  • Features ultimate sweep action with the TailSweep Pro
  • Can free itself when stuck using the auto-reverse technology
  • It requires a separate booster pump to function
The product’s design combined with great features makes this cleaner suitable for any kind of pool. You will experience total vacuum power and fast cleaning. Also, the new innovative technology ensures its durability and reliability. If you intend to clean a large pool, I recommend buying a model that has a large filter bag and great suction pump such as this one.

6. Polaris 280 All-Season Pool Cleaner Kit

The Polaris 280 requires a booster pump to function. This Polaris pool vacuum uses optimal power to collect both large and small debris, taking only less than 3 hours to clean an entire pool. However, this will depend on the size of your pool.

The filtration system’s life is also longer compared to similar models in the market. Furthermore, it can handle concrete, vinyl, and tiles without leaving any scour marks behind.

To make cleaning a lot easier, there are 3 filter bags that come included in the package. Mine came with a standard tight-knit sand and silt filter. Besides, the zipper fitter is exceptionally durable.

This model saves me a lot of time and effort when cleaning, sweeping, or scrubbing my pool. It can climb walls due to shaft-driven classic wheels for faster fast cleaning cycles. Moreover, it can handle any type of in-ground pool.

However, I do not like the fact that it only comes with 2 jets while other units in the market have 3. Also, you will need a separate booster pump to run this cleaner.
  • Its large filter bags allow it to collect a large amount of debris
  • Zipper fitter is durable and long-lasting
  • It is efficient and time-saving
  • Optimal vacuum power is used to collect both fine and large debris
  • Features wall climbing abilities
  • Requires a booster pump to run it
  • Only has 2 jets unlike other units which have 3
This is a truly reliable and low-maintenance pressure side pool cleaner which is worth paying for as it provides excellent service. Consider this cleaner if you want to transform the floors and walls of your pool.

7. Polaris 9550 Sport 4WD All-Season Kit

The advanced Polaris 9550 4WD Sport features a dirty canister indicator, motion-sensing handheld remote control, and Vortex Vacuum Technology. This 4-wheel drive robot cleaner can climb walls and steps as well as scrub tile lines with a solid blade scrubbing brush.

I am fond of the extra filter canister provided in the model. This is an all-purpose wide mesh filter canister for collecting large debris. It also serves as a fine mesh canister for collecting pollen and silt to ensure the cleanliness of my pool. The cleaner’s 7-day programmable timer can be preset for a whole week depending on the frequency you like.

With the touch of a button, you can point the device to any location in the pool. Therefore, your pool will always be clean according to the desired standards. Assembling the compact transport caddy is easy as the process does not require any tools.

Better yet, it can clean pools of up to 60 inches wide. My favorite feature is when you point the remote control towards the pool and the cleaner climbs to you to lift it out. This enables you to empty out the canister easily.

However, it will take a long time to reach the desired location when directed. It is best to let it work on its own.
  • Features dirty canister indicator to alert you when it is full
  • Quite easy to use due to its remote control
  • Can be preset for a whole week to clean your pool
  • Comes with a compact transport caddy that does not require any tools to assemble
  • Can collect both fine and large debris
  • Directing it can be frustrating because it moves at a slow pace
This is one of the best Polaris robotic pool cleaners out there. It is especially great for those who hate cleaning but love to entertain guests. I would recommend this top of the line pool cleaner to anyone who wants an easy way of cleaning their pool.

8. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pool cleaner is another great Polaris pool cleaner on our list. This unit is powered by triple jets to give it a powerful cleaning performance. What I like most about this cleaner is its compatibility with TailSweep PRO. Impressively, it gives optimum cleaning results for all shapes and sizes of inground pools.

If versatility matters to you, then you are more likely to love this pool cleaner. Not only does it sweep your pool, but it also scrubs and vacuums. You can use it to give a sparkling look to both the walls and the bottom of your pool. Due to its large opening, this cleaner can collect large debris like pebbles, acorns, and leaves.

What I find outstanding about this product is its single chamber filter bag that works well to collect a decent amount of debris. Plus, it includes a 31-feet hose that is long enough, allowing me to reach a large area of my pool. The Vac-Sweep 280 is also able to trap debris even before it reaches the filter. This feature helps to prolong the filter life.

This cleaner uses an all-wheel-drive belt as its drive mechanism. It is also run by a separate booster pump. This means that you will need to purchase a booster pump for optimal power for cleaning and picking up large debris. It also ensures proper circulation of warm water throughout the pools.
  • Provides continuous cleaning without interruption
  • Excellent and powerful performance
  • Includes a large-capacity filter bag
  • Features the ability to take in large debris
  • Works with booster pump
  • You’ll need to purchase a booster pump separately
If you are looking to change the appearance of your in-ground pool, this model would be a suitable choice as it guarantees excellent performance and has a large opening for collecting big debris.

What to Look For When Buying a Polaris Pool Cleaner

Cleaner Type

The different models of Polaris pool cleaners are categorized based on the pool type they will be used for and the operation. For operation, there are automatic pool cleaners or robotic cleaners and a manual type offered by Polaris. The difference between them is how they run. It is either through electricity or physical labor.

A Polaris robotic cleaner can clean your pool on its own. Thus, you can leave it in your pool unattended. On the other hand, you have to push a manual pool cleaner around your swimming pool. This means that you will do all the cleaning.

If you hate physical work, you should check out a Polaris automatic pool cleaner. Nevertheless, it has a hefty price tag. A manual pool cleaner is a better choice if you do not want to spend much on a pool cleaner, and are okay with cleaning your pool physically.

Pool Type

You can opt to get a Polaris in-ground pool cleaner or the above-ground type depending on the kind of pool you have. Picking the right device type is vital if you want your pool cleaner to work effectively. Many of the pool cleaner models cannot function on in-ground and above-ground pools.

Moreover, you have to determine the size of your swimming pool to help you decide the pool cleaner that will provide the most benefits. For large pools, you should consider pool cleaners with bigger capacity. Getting this kind of cleaner for a small pool is not a good idea since it might be too large for the limited space of a small pool.


Polaris is an established and trusted name in the industry of swimming pools. Whatever Polaris pool cleaner you avail, it comes with a 2-year company standard warranty. Nevertheless, it will be best to double-check the warranty for the pool cleaner you want before buying it. This is for you to know all the necessary information about the warranty and what it covers.

Use and Maintenance

How easy to use a certain pool cleaner depends on the particular unit you have. Before operating a Polaris automatic pool cleaner, it requires you to do a minor setup. Therefore, it may be a little more difficult to get it running. There are units that you need to attach to a different pump, a pool puma, or a booster pump so that they can work.

Manual Polaris pool cleaners are easier to use since you only need to connect it to one pump which is likely your pool pump. After that, you can vacuum your pool.

You need to remember that all pool cleaners from Polaris require careful and frequent maintenance. You might need to remove the contacts of the attached filter bag and make sure that you maintain the vacuum cleanliness. The machine is likely to stay clean since there are chemicals in the water from the pool.

If a part of your Polaris pool cleaners gets damaged or malfunctions, you should not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Rather, you can contact the customer support from Polaris for assistance. Trying to repair it yourself might cause further damage or worse, it might not be repaired anymore due to permanent damage. This could also void the warranty. You can save a lot more if you have it checked and fixed by a professional.

Size and Weight

There is a significant difference in the size and weight of various pool cleaners from Polaris. Therefore, knowing the size and weight of a pool cleaner can help you decide which one best works for your pool. If you have a big pool, you should consider large pool cleaners.

It is also good to know these pool cleaners from Polaris are generally a bit large. Although some models are described as compact, these can be a good size to clean your pool.

Some units are heavier compared to other cleaners. For the Polaris pool cleaners, the weight can range from around 14 pounds to 44 pounds. Polaris pool cleaner models have a sleek and slim appearance. The bulky and big models do a great job of removing dirt and debris.

The wheels of the cleaners vary depending on the unit. Some have small wheels, and some have large ones. As a result, this influences the structure of the unit. For cleaners made for big pools, you can expect them to have more durable wheels. The smaller models are great if you have a small pool, or you consider getting an above-ground pool cleaner.

Other Important Factors to Consider


When you choose your pool cleaner, you must know the shape and size of your pool. It is recommended to purchase a unit that can adjust to the buoyancy and approaching water pressure.

Length of the Hose

You have to ensure that the hose you will get has the right length. It should be long enough from your skimmer box to your pool’s far end. Also, there should be at least an extra 5 to 10 feet.

Pool Covers

Many cleaners cannot be used when there is a pool cover. However, some models can be used with pool covers. It is best to check the cleaner if you need this feature.

Step and Wall Climbing

It is a good idea to get a pool cleaner that can climb your pool’s steps and walls.


You need a pool cleaner that has a strong suction if your pool receives a lot of debris. A good option here is a Polaris pressure pool cleaner. It is lightweight but powerful. Aside from being powerful, it comes with a big bag for debris so your work is not interrupted due to emptying the bag which saves you more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Polaris Pool Cleaner?

As you already know, Polaris is a famous manufacturer of pool cleaners. It is mostly known for producing manual and automatic pool cleaners for a decent price.

For the last 40 years, Polaris pool cleaners are products with excellent quality and amazing customer support and assistance in the maintenance side of the swimming pool industry. A pool cleaner from Polaris is guaranteed to have the best cleaning performance for a pool since it has the most advanced pool cleaning technology.

How Does It Work?

For a Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner, it functions the way you expect a pool cleaner to function. It does the vacuuming, scrubbing, and cleaning of your pools. If you feel a bit confused, continue reading to understand how pool cleaners work.

Pool cleaners utilize the power from the return jets found in your pool. Therefore, these cleaners are installed in the area where your filtration system is. The filtration system is responsible for pumping clean water into your pool. Then, your cleaner of choice will be connected to your hose. After that, the hose will be connected to the return jets.

A floating cleaner moves around the water since there is pressure from the water. When you look at the back of this cleaner, you will see that there is a sweep hose. This sweep hose flutters underwater which makes debris loose. When the debris loosens up, the skimmer bag connected to the end part of the sweep hose collects it.

One advantage of automatic pool cleaners is it includes a backup valve. This is beneficial when your cleaner gets stuck in the stair or the corner of the pool. The valve causes the water to change direction so the cleaner can be aligned in a different position. Therefore, you need to maintain the valve since this cleaner’s performance relies on this.

Some Polaris pool cleaners might not make ample pressure to clean your pool. However, you can use a booster pump to get the amount of pressure you need.

Polaris pool cleaner models also work to get rid of water pests and sand from your pool. It can travel along the walls and floor of your pool automatically to remove debris.

What Are The Different Types of Polaris Pool Cleaners?

The product line of Polaris stems from its pressure-side and robotic pool cleaners. For its commercial models, these are chosen because of its excellent performance and amazing features in the industry. Expert and skilled technicians in the industry of swimming pool maintenance create these cleaners for Polaris. The products also go through rigorous quality checks to ensure optimum performance.

Polaris has a vast selection of automatic pressure-side pool cleaners for different maintenance and cleaning needs. Here are some of the well-known units:

  • Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris 280 All-Season Pressure Side Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

If you prefer to have the more advanced ones, you can choose from Polaris’ line of robotic cleaners. Here are some of the robotic cleaners it offers:

  • Polaris Alpha iQ Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris 9650 iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Polaris Alpha iQ+ Robotic Pool Cleaners

Why Do You Need a Polaris Pool Cleaner?

Polaris has established a good reputation in the industry of pool maintenance and cleaning. You can depend on their automatic pool cleaners to pick medium-sized to large pool debris. This type of pool cleaner scrubs, sweeps, and vacuums the corners, wall, and floors of your pool.

Another reason why you need one is most of the models have a large debris bag. This bag makes maintenance easier since the design does not affect the pump basket or filer. Leaves and large debris such as pebbles are collected in this filter bag and go straight to the trash bin. Besides improving pool sanitation, it makes the filter of the pool longlasting.

To make a pool healthier, a booster pump can be used. This is to allow the skimmer to get rid of the debris and other contaminants from the surface resulting in a cleaner pool. There are units from the brand that have a pre-installed filtration system. Thus, you do not need to get a separate booster pump.

When there is good heating and circulation, there are fewer dead and cold spots in the pool. This kind of area is where algae thrive. With a Polaris cleaner, it can deal with this since it treats, cleans, heats, and circulates the pool water.

How long should a Polaris pool cleaner last?

Polaris pool cleaner models should last at least 5 years with proper care and maintenance. However, it may require parts replacement once it is 8 years old due to wear and tear.

Is Polaris 280 better than Polaris 360?

The main distinction between the Polaris 280 and 360 is that the Polaris 280 needs a booster pump. Meanwhile, the Polaris 360 pool cleaner can work without the booster pump.

For those who do not know what a booster pump is, it is what’s used to boost water pressure and flow rate. It works similarly to a fan. It has blades and an impeller inside, which allows it to increase water pressure.

Since the only major difference between these two Polaris swimming pool cleaners is; one does not need a booster pump while the other does, the answer whether the 360 is better than the 280 depends on the pool that you have.

If your pool already has a booster pump. Opting for the 280 is a more appropriate choice. If it does, the Polaris 360 is definitely better.

How to install the Polaris pool cleaner?

It is understandable if you will feel intimidated upon opening any models of Polaris pool vacuum. It does have several parts to be put together, so it might look complicated. However, it is easier to install than you think.

If you are installing the Polaris 380, you first need to check whether it has a 1-½ inch female fitting line. If it does, you can proceed to the next step, installing the universal wall fitting. You can do this by disconnecting it from the quick connect and screw it with the fitting.

After that, insert the reattached quick disconnect into the UWF then test water pressure. The next step is to adjust the hose so that it will fit the swimming pool then begin assembling the Polaris 360 according to its instruction manual.

For the other models, you can follow the same steps mentioned above when installing it. However, make it a habit to read the instruction manual thoroughly before beginning so that you will know whether the model requires special steps.

If you are not confident in handling mechanical and plumbing equipment, it is best to call a professional. They should be able to install the equipment quickly and efficiently.

How to use the Polaris pool cleaner?

The Polaris swimming pool cleaners are fairly easy to use. The first thing you have to do is push the end of its hose into the Polaris pool return. After that, twist the end of the hose so that it will be locked into place.

Then put the Polaris bag down and secure it firmly with the clips attached. Some models may have velcros instead of clips.

Once those steps are finished, hold the cleaner by the hose and slowly put it into the water. Make sure that it is fully submerged at the bottom of the pool. You can now turn it on as well as the Polaris booster pump, and it will start cleaning your pool.

What to do when the Polaris pool cleaner is not staying at the bottom of the pool?

Some Polaris pool cleaner reviews stated that their equipment was not staying at the bottom of the pool. There are several reasons why the Polaris pool cleaner is floating. These reasons include improperly positioned thrust jets, damaged backup valves, or leaky hoses.

If you notice your Polaris pool cleaner floating, the best action is to search for these issues and act on them accordingly. You can check for leaks by turning the system on and pulling the hose out of the water. Watch out for trickles of water or bubbles.

How to prevent the feed hose from disconnecting from the wall fitting?

If your Polaris equipment keeps on disconnecting from the wall fitting, you should check whether the quick disconnect is firmly attached to the pool wall. Also, check whether the universal wall fitting does not have damages on its inner peg.

What to do when the Polaris pool cleaner is moving too slow?

If your Polaris pool cleaner is moving too slowly, you should check the filter screen. It is located in the quick disconnect. If it is dirty, it is probably clogged, so the equipment is moving very slow.

After cleaning the filter screen and it is still slow, clean the pump basket, pool filter, and skimmer. Check all of the hoses as well. Keep an eye for holes because these might cause lower water pressure, which can slow down your equipment.

Another troubleshooting that you can try for this problem is to check whether the idler wheel drives the rear wheel. If it is not, push the idler wheel downward to remove accumulated dirt or sand. If it is still not moving like normal, remove the wheel screw and take out the idler wheel axle off to check for damages.

How to fix the Polaris pool cleaner if it is running on its side?

The Polaris pool cleaner’s normal operation is upright, so when it is on its side, there must be something wrong with it. You can troubleshoot an issue by emptying the bag’s content.

If it still continues to operate on its side after that, check the head float. If it is full of water, remove it.

You could also try checking the floats on the feed hose. Make sure that they are evenly spaced out.

After doing all this and the problem is still there, you should call a professional or contact the Polaris customer service department to further assess your equipment condition. They will also help you in fixing it.

How to check the wheel RPM of a Polaris pool cleaner?

The Polaris pool cleaner needs to receive the right amount of water pressure for it to work properly. You can check this by knowing the RPM of the equipment.

To do this, turn off and slowly remove the equipment from the pool. Mark the outer part of the tire then place it back in the pool. Turn it back on and count the tire’s revolution by using the marking that you place earlier.

The normal range of wheel RPM is from 28 to 32. If your equipment’s RPM is lower than that, then it means there is not enough water pressure.

How long should a Polaris pool cleaner run?

If you are using the Polaris 280, you can run it between 1 to 6 hours or turn it off once the pool is thoroughly clean. The amount of time it will run is highly dependent on the debris present in the pool. On average, a standard size pool may take around 3 hours to be cleaned by the Polaris 280.

However, it is important to remember that the Polaris 280 model has cogs and gears. This means that the longer it is running, the faster it will wear out, which can significantly affect the device’s lifespan.

How to care and maintain the Polaris pool cleaner?

It is important to do proper care and maintenance on a Polaris pressure side pool cleaner so that it will last long. These care and maintenance include periodic maintenance such as cleaning the filter screen, checking the wear rings, tires, and sweep hose scrubber.

The filter screen can be found instead of the quick disconnect. It serves as a safety filter to prevent debris from coming into contact with the pool filtration system. If this screen is clogged, there might be some damage to your filtration system, so check its condition periodically.

Furthermore, if you run your Polaris pool sweep without a filter, it is sure that the equipment will have some damage afterward.

The sweep hose has rolling wear rings that protect it. The periodic maintenance need for this part of the equipment is occasional replacement before it fully wears out. However, it is possible to extend the wear rings’ lifespan by rotating them from time to time.

Another part of the equipment that should be well maintained is its tires. It is what’s responsible for keeping the Polaris automatic pool cleaner at the bottom of the pool. From time to time, check the edge of the tires. If it becomes rounded, replace it immediately.

Lastly, you should also do periodic maintenance on the sweep hose scrubber. This is the part of the Polaris pressure pool cleaner that prevents it from spraying water out of the pool. It can be worn out over time, so it will need replacement.

Where to get Polaris replacement parts?

You can get Polaris replacement parts through your local pool maintenance shop. If they do not have any genuine parts available, you can contact 1-800-VAC-SWEEP if you are in Canada or the United States. The person at the other end of the number will provide you with the nearest authorized Polaris dealer near you to get the parts that you need.

It is important to make sure that you get genuine Polaris parts. You will be able to determine whether it is genuine or not through its packaging. Genuine Polaris parts packed in a Polaris part bag. They also contain the Polaris logo.

Buying and using non-genuine replacement parts may cause changes in the performance or damage your equipment entirely. This is because those are not made according to the specification of the manufacturers.

Should you leave the Polaris pool cleaner in the pool all the time?

There should be no issue if you choose to leave your Polaris electric pool cleaner on your pool at all times as long as you make sure to turn it off if somebody is swimming. However, it is a different story if you live in an area with winter seasons.

The winter season might cause freezing damage to the equipment. This can significantly affect its functions, and it is not covered under warranty. If you do live in areas with winter seasons, make sure to store your pool cleaner ahead of time.

How to store your Polaris pool cleaner?

If you are not using your Polaris pool cleaner, then you should definitely store it, but it has to be done properly. According to the manufacturer, it should be stored away from direct sunlight, and you should make sure that the feed hose is not coiled.

In case the feed hose does develop some coils, you can lay the hose under the sun. You can also opt to soak it with water to straighten it prior to re-installation.

During winter, it is important to make sure to remove the Polaris inground cleaner from the pool. When doing so, make sure to remove all of the water inside before storing it. Make sure to do this because its warranty does not cover any damage caused by freezing, and it can be quite costly to have it repaired.

Can you use the Polaris 280 in a vinyl liner pool?

Ideally, you can use the Polaris 280 in a vinyl liner pool. However, it is important to do this with caution. Some vinyl liners have patterns that are susceptible to rapid surface wear. This can be caused by chlorine dispensary, floats, pool brushes, and even the pool cleaner itself.

In some cases, the vinyl liner can have serious abrasion. With all these transparent risks, it is up to you whether you will still choose to use the Polaris 280 in your vinyl liner pool.

Where to buy the Polaris pool cleaner?

If you are looking to buy the best Polaris robotic pool cleaner, then you are in luck because it’s a very accessible brand. Whether you are looking for Polaris 38, Polaris Quattro sport, or Polaris 3900, you can get them through physical stores or online.

These are available in some hardware or pool maintenance shops. You can also get them by ordering online. If you choose to order online, make sure to only deal with accredited sellers to avoid getting used or substandard products.

Furthermore, if you opt to buy online, you can easily compare prices and find the best deal. However, it might require you to wait a while before you get the product. If you need it urgently, then buying directly from the stores is your best choice.


Finally, having a swimming pool provides a lot of enjoyment to a family, so it becomes the main focus of many people’s attention. That is why it is a must to maintain your pool’s cleanliness. By getting the best Polaris pool cleaner, you would not have to worry much. You can focus more on having a blast with your loved ones and friends.

Upon reading the Polaris pool cleaner reviews and other helpful information from this article, hopefully, you can find the model that matches your needs.

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