Push-Pull Valves:

swimming pool filter valves, push pull valvesA Push Pull valve is another type of Filter Valve, used for backwashing the filter. Unlike a Multiport that may have 6 functions, a Push Pull valve, also called a Slide valve, has only two functions, Filter and Backwash. A simple pool filter valve, push-pull valves are easy to repair as well.

My Push Pull Valve is always leaking water out of the backwash hose.!?! This is caused when the bottom o-ring of the valve "plunger" becomes nicked, broken or gets flushed out of the valve completely. To inspect and repair. Shut off the pump and remove the plunger from the valve body. If the filter is below water level you will want to close off the valves on the pipes going to and from the pool to prevent a flood of water from soaking your socks! Opening the air bleeder on the filter and putting the valve in backwash position will allow you to drain the filter tank. Pac-Fab plungers are removed by taking out two horizontal screws. Anthony plungers have three vertical screws, Swimquip / Sta-Rite valves have 6 screws and American Products or Baker Hydro or Hayward have one union nut to unscrew. This loosens the top of the plunger from the valve body. Then you pull up on the valve handle to remove the plunger assembly from the valve body. It sometimes takes a lot of elbow grease to get the plunger out. Inspect the round disks of the plunger. If the disks are broken, or severely cracked, you may need to replace the plunger. Usually replacing the o-rings is all that is needed. Lubricate the o-rings with a Silicone based or Teflon based lubricant like Magic Lube, Aqua Lube or Jack's Lube - specifically formulated for use on swimming pool valves. Reassemble.

My Push Pull Valve handle is hard to move, or is stuck.!?! Lubricating the o-rings and the valve body with a good pool lubricant should be done twice annually to prevent this occurance. Follow instructions above to remove the plunger, lubricate and replace.

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